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[Update] Download the Best of Windows 10 4k Animals Theme for Free


Microsoft continuously adds new 4k themes for Windows 10 PC, among them, there are lots of animal themes that show a series of lovely and lively animals for users to decor their desktop backgrounds. Each theme pack includes a set of high-quality and lovely 4k desktop wallpapers, and all these Windows 10 4k animal themes are free to download from Microsoft Store. 

1. Animal Portraits PREMIUM

This Window 10 4k animal theme pack comes with 18 premium 4k animal images, including apes, tigers, pandas, white horses, snakes, etc. Each of them is shown in a simple background, allowing the animals to get more attention from Win 10 users. If you love animal themes like the horse, panda, snake, or others, this Windows 10 4k theme could be the first choice. You can Download the Animal Portraits PREMIUM for free here.

windows 10 4k theme animals 1

2. Whales and Dolphins PREMIUM

Sea animals, especially dolphins and whales, are popular among Win 10 PC users. This Whales and Dolphins PREMIUM 4k theme brings 14 HD wallpapers for Windows 10 PC. In these images, you can submerge yourself in the lovely and beauty of dolphins and whales floating in and out of the sea, seeing them swimming and playing in the blue sea. 

windows 10 4k theme animals 2

3. Amazon Wildlife PREMIUM

The Amazon rainforest has more animal species than anywhere else in the world and Microsoft has released a series of Windows themes to introduce it for Win 10 users. Here the Amazon Wildlife PREMIUM 4k theme brings 18 images showing the beautiful wildlife birds and apes for users, further portraying the amazing scenery of the Amazon rainforest. If you also wondering about the magnificent landscape and lovely animals, this Windows 10 4k theme animals won't let you down. 

windows 10 4k theme animals 3

4. Sloths PREMIUM

Sloths are one of the slowest animals in the world. They spend most of their time hanging upside down. This Sloths PREMIUM Windows 10 4k theme provides 15 wallpapers showing the beguiling faces of Sloths for Win 10 users. You can get this 4k animal theme for PC and appreciate their different looks anytime.  

windows 10 4k theme animals-sloths

5. Animal Mothers 2 PREMIUM

Animals are alike human, they are lovely and depend on each other. This Animal Mothers 2 PREMIUM Windows 10 4k theme shows us the sweetness of love between youngsters and their mothers, from fox to grizzly to chimp, speaks to the abiding bond they share. If you also love animals and appreciate the love between them, maybe you can download this free 4k theme for your Windows 10 PC. 

windows 10 4k theme animals-5

6. Dogs in Disguise PREMIUM

Dogs are the best friends of ours. If you are a dog lover, or you have a pet dog with you now, you may feel interested in this Windows 10 4k theme. This 4k dog theme shows you 15 ideas about how to disguise your dog into a lion, adding more happiness to you and your puppy dogs. Enjoy these 4k puppy dog wallpapers on your Win 10 PC by downloading Dogs in Disguise PREMIUM theme for free now. 

windows 10 4k theme animals-dog

7. Wild Eyes PREMIUM

Similar to the Animal Portraits PREMIUM theme, this Wild Eyes PREMIUM 4k theme shows us the beauty of wild animals in a closer view. Through this 4k animal theme, you can look deeply into the stunning eyes of up to 14 animals and birds such as lion, owl, and zebra. Their eyes are deep, sharp, and bright, which you can't see in normal life. 

windows 10 4k theme animals-7

To get more Windows 10 4k themes, you can visit here.

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