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By ‪Timothy Johnson‬ Free
Size : 1.8 MB | Initial Release Date : 2018-07-10 | Last Updated : 2019-11-12 | Works On : Windows 11 PC,Hub

Editors' Review for WinDynamicDesktop

What is Dynamic Desktop? The Dynamic Desktop feature was first announced for macOS Mojave which shifts through 16 images of the same desert scene taken at different times of day. Windows 10 natively supports cycling through multiple wallpapers, but not based on the times of sunrise and sunset. WinDynamicDesktop adds that feature to the Windows desktop.
When the WinDynamicDesktop was installed, the default dynamic wallpaper Mojave was preinstalled with the app, but if you want more dynamic wallpapers,you can download the custom themes created by the community or some other websites which provide free and paid dynamic wallpapers, you can search 24 hour wallpaper, it's a website provides beautiful desktop wallpapers that match the time of day. the '24 hour wallpaper' provides three free dynamic desktop wallpapers and other paid dynamic wallpapers for WinDynamicDesktop. Besides download, you can also create your own theme with whatever wallpaper images you want, just follow the instructions. if you want to know more,just go to the page of this app on github,it's an open-source project. This is a really good app, it makes your Windows 10 pc desktop transition in-time with natural light.

Screenshots of WinDynamicDesktop

WinDynamicDesktop screenshot WinDynamicDesktop screenshot WinDynamicDesktop screenshot WinDynamicDesktop screenshot WinDynamicDesktop screenshot
Version : 3.4.1 (2019-11-12)
Added 17 new themes from 24 Hour Wallpaper
Fixed wallpaper fade transition not working in Windows Store version
Fixed crash when theme fails to download
Fixed error when importing theme from local images
Removed requirement for separate ".exe.config" file alongside EXE
Updated Chinese, Czech, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish translations

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