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Best Productivity Apps for Windows 10

Find best Windows 10 apps here. Editor's choice means high quality and more popular. New apps list helps you find new released & latest updated Windows 10 apps on Microsoft store. UWP apps have their advantages,such as clean install and uninstall,much safer,less CPU costs, etc. There are a lot of good UWP apps for Windows 10 on Microsoft store, we pick them out, we write reviews, and set tags to them. We do this for helping Windows 10 users find the best Windows 10 app they may need.

Lenovo Pen Settings screenshot

Lenovo Pen Settings


The Lenovo Pen Settings app is the way to customize your Wacom capable device. you can customize your Pens buttons, pressure and tilt sensitivity and take advantage of the Wacom Radial Menu for fast access to advanced functions.

Dell Mobile Connect screenshot

Dell Mobile Connect


Dell Mobile Connect minimizes distractions by allowing you to make calls, send texts, get notifications, transfer files and control your phone conveniently from your Dell computer. Put your phone away and use it through your computer's screen, touch, mouse or keyboard!

Pomodoro Timer UWP screenshot

Pomodoro Timer UWP


Pomodoro Timer for Windows 10 is a timer app for productivity. It's simple,beautiful and sleek, with dark and light themes.It helps you keep focused ,avoid distractions and get more done.

PDF Doc screenshot



PDF Doc is a free app with the function of converting, signing, viewer, editor, annotate. Works on Windows 10.

Focus, commit - Be Focused & visualize your work screenshot

Focus, commit - Be Focused & visualize your work


Focus, commit time management software aims to use the Pomodoro Technique to keep hyper-focus and get things done in an effective way.

Resultivity - Daily Productivity Motivation screenshot

Resultivity - Daily Productivity Motivation


Resultivity time management app helps you keep focused, get most out of your work or study time, and finish your to-do list in an effective way. And it can integrate with Microsoft To-Do, Todoist and Google Tasks.

EasyMail for Gmail screenshot

EasyMail for Gmail


EasyMail is the best email checker that works on Windows 10. It's used for simultaneous work with Gmail mailbox. You can use it to get notification instantly, receive and send emails anytime.

PomoDuctivity - Stay Focused screenshot

PomoDuctivity - Stay Focused


PomoDuctivity-Stay Focused is a great productivity app for both Pomodoro time tracker and task management. It can integrate with other apps like Microsoft To-Do, Trello and Google Tasks, and totally free download and use.

Tabata Workout Interval Timer screenshot

Tabata Workout Interval Timer


This Tabata Timer app is great for interval training by using 20-second exercise and 10-second rest sessions to achieve your workout goal, making it perfect for high-intensity workout protocol that has fitness and weight-loss benefits.

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List screenshot

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List


Focus To-Do is a time and task management app that uses Pomodoro technique and to-do list to help users to stay focused and organize things easily.

PowerPom - Pomodoro Timer screenshot

PowerPom - Pomodoro Timer


This Pomodoro Timer app is a free time tracking app for Windows 10, allowing you to manage your time easily and improve your productivity.

aText screenshot



aText is a Typing Accelerator, Text Template, Text Expansion tool. aText for Windows 10 is now on Microsoft store.

Home Design 3D screenshot

Home Design 3D


Home Design 3D is a home design app for creating, designing and building floor plans and home plans, decor, and interior design, which is accessible for anyone who wants to design their own home personally.

Live Home 3D screenshot

Live Home 3D


Live Home 3D is a simple-to-use and feature-packed home design app for Windows 10, and it allows users to create, design and decorate the interior in 2D and 3D environments.

Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design screenshot

Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design


Planner 5D is a great home & interior design app for those who want to design their own home with beautiful and realistic interior and exterior designs in 2D and 3D modes.

Live Home 3D Pro screenshot

Live Home 3D Pro


Live Home 3D Pro is a good home design software that allows users to design their own home in 2D and 3D form. With this advanced home design planner, you can design the exterior and interior house online and view your new home freely.