Best Personalization Apps for Windows 10

Find best Windows 10 apps here. Editor's choice means high quality and more popular. New apps list helps you find new released & latest updated Windows 10 apps on Microsoft store. UWP apps have their advantages,such as clean install and uninstall,much safer,less CPU costs, etc. There are a lot of good UWP apps for Windows 10 on Microsoft store, we pick them out, we write reviews, and set tags to them. We do this for helping Windows 10 users find the best Windows 10 app they may need.

Sunflowers PREMIUM

2 Free

  • This Sunflowers PREMIUM 4k theme is a warm and cheery theme, the 17 sunflowers images bring happiness and vitality for your day.

Sights of Russia

47 Free

  • Discover the unique places in Russia with this free Windows 10 theme - Sights of Russia, experiencing the exotic traditional things and the best view of Russia.

Wildlife of India

46 Free

  • This Wildlife of India theme pack is a collection dedicated to showing India's beautiful wildlife. 15 high-quality images of India wildlife with different animals are free to download.

Beautiful Norway

58 Free

  • This Windows theme pack shows you the beautiful scenery of Norway, discovering the best views of Norway in the 18 Norway places images.

Call of the Raven

31 Free

  • Call of Raven theme shows the vividly Raven's caw, perch and soar on sunny days and midnights in the 15 high-quality images, totally free for Windows 10.

OLV Photography - Desert

14 Free

  • This OLV Desert Photography shows the natural orange LV shape formed in Desert, download these free HD desert wallpapers and enjoy the drama of windswept arid landscapes.

Hitting the Road

58 Free

  • Hitting the Road theme is a terrific collection of 18 HD road wallpapers that bring the scenic view of what’s around twisting and turning roads in forest and nature. Free download for Windows 10.

Colorful Boats PREMIUM

1 Free

  • Microsoft new 4k themes - Colorful Boats PREMIUM -brings 14 high-quality images of colorful and showy boats in the water, download free as Win 10 4k desktop wallpaper.

Earth 4k Live Wallpaper

1 $1.99

  • This Earth 4K Live Wallpaper shows the moving Earth with full details, you will be able to relax while enjoying the beautiful view of this splendid Earth.

Jellyfish HD Live Wallpaper

1 $1.99

  • This jellyfish HD Live Wallpaper app shows the beautiful live wallpapers with a collection of jellyfish, giving you the view of this splendid jellyfish with full details.

Winter Mountain 4K Live Wallpaper

1 $1.99

  • Download the Winter Mountain 4K Live Wallpapers for Windows 10 and mobile phones, to enjoy the dynamic snow mountain sceneries.

aquarium 4k live wallpaper

1 $1.99

  • Download Aquarium 4K Live Wallpaper to enjoy the awesomeness of a wonderful Aquarium with full details on the Windows 10 PC and mobile device.

Wildflowers PREMIUM

1 Free

  • Download the Wildflowers Premium theme pack to enjoy the sweeping views of wildflower-filled valleys in these 18 breathtaking premium 4k wallpapers, totally free for Windows 10 Themes.

Aerial Saltflats PREMIUM

1 Free

  • Microsoft released this new 4k theme pack for Windows 10 PCs, titled Aerial Saltflats PREMIUM, showing the colorful, impressive large bodies of water in 14 premium 4k wallpapers.

Seasonal Art PREMIUM

1 Free

  • Seasonal Art PREMIUM is a new theme pack that offers 12 high-quality 4k wallpapers of painted seasonal scenes like rivers, trees and animals, free download these windows 10 wallpapers to get the featured cartoon four-season sceneries.

Aerial Farmland PREMIUM

1 Free

  • Aerial Farmland PREMIUM is a new theme pack containing 18 high-quality 4K wallpapers of amazing farmland view, free download these windows 10 wallpapers to take in the sweep and flow of planted fields from far above.

Earthen Buildings PREMIUM

1 Free

  • Earthen Buildings PREMIUM 4k theme pack offers 17 wallpapers of traditional and modern constructions, free download these desktop wallpapers for Windows 10 to enjoy the architecture art.