Best Apps & Softwares Collections For Windows 10

We find best apps and softwares for Windows 10 and put them together as a collection for specific needs. Such as best travel apps collections, best language learning softwares, or a collection of best softwares help to improve working order or efficiency, etc. We aim to find best software or app for solving specific problems.

Free DVD Media Player for Windows 10 and Mac Recommendation

  • Today as different video platforms to mushroom spring up, Video-streaming services are getting popular, and there are many videos and music with different formats. But we still have some pretty DVD collections. And many of us may have met such a situation that the Windows 10 PC does not play regular DVDs. Then how to play a DVD in Windows 10? What the best DVD player for Windows, macOS or mobile devices? Here is some free DVD media player recommendation for you guys to choose from.

Top 7 Dictionary Apps Recommendation for Windows 10

  • What do you do when you're stuck with a word you don't have any meaning about? Check that voluminous book called the dictionary? or look up the internet for the word? Well, with a dictionary app, you need not disturb yourself as you can get the meaning within the shortest time. Some of these dictionaries can perform other tasks other than the meaning of words, they can also provide you with antonyms and synonyms, and show/tell you the pronunciations of words. Here are the 7 Top Dictionary Apps for Windows 10.

Top Workout Apps Recommendation for Windows 10

  • For people in contemporary society, there're 2 most important things in their whole life. That's: "energy management" in the first half of life and "body management" in the rest half of life. These two aspects decide whether you can have a happy life and an accomplished career. Speaking of body management, we unavoidable carry out on workout and fitness. The following apps are what we try out, select and finally recommend to the majority users.

Best Downloader Apps for Windows 10

  • At the internet age, there're rich and useful materials on the web. How to make them into our own use? Downloading is a universal method. Based on the different content of downloading, here we classify it to file download, common materials download, YouTube resources download, video, music songs download, downloading from the website, torrent download.

Best Free File Manager software for Windows 10

  • When it comes to managing and organizing the files on your computer, most of us are perfectly content to use the Windows Explorer. But Windows Explorer doesn’t offer tabs, a dual-pane interface, batch file renaming tools, and other advanced features. There’s no shortage of File Explorer replacements that do the same job much better than Explorer itself. Below, you can find the list of free File Manager software for Windows 10.

Ten Best Painting Design Apps to Draw Your Colorful World

  • Drawing design is an indispensable capability. It changes the world colorful, creative and funny. Especially for artists, illustrators, and designers, they express the matters and world to you in an artist's point. At the IT age, the tools of drawing are not limited to hand-painting, we can use the apps to do what we want. There're lots of drawing apps, art apps, painting apps and sketch apps available to us. Here, the best-app list is specially customized for you to play your painting talent.

Free Windows 10 Christmas Themes and Wallpapers for 2019

  • The 2019 Christmas is coming soon! Many people have already experience the holiday fiesta mood. Then why not decor your PCs for Christmas? Today in this theme's collections, there are Here are several Windows 10 Christmas themes including wallpapers, Christmas countdown timer, free and HD daily desktop themes, lights, trees, etc. Download and install one Christmas theme for your Windows 10 devices now!

Best Video Streaming Services for Windows 10

  • Watching your favorite movies and shows has never been easier with instant, online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and much more. It's been two decades since the leader in on-demand media streaming service, Netflix, was founded. Now, there are dozens of services just like it that do just about the same thing. Here are the best streaming services for movies, TV series, sports and live TV, plus our pick for the best streaming service overall.

Choose the Best Social Network for Windows 10

  • Vast social networking services may provide a lot of options, but they can also take up a lot of time. Each social networking app has its key features and fitted for different kinds of people. Choosing the best social network is about finding the right fit, not about which service provides the most features overall. Here are some best social network services for windows 10 to you guys.

Five Best Language-Learning Apps for Windows 10

  • To be multiple language learners has been common in nowadays society. We need to learn different languages to adapt to a changeable work environment, enjoy the travels in different countries, learning the diversified global culture. That's why we need to select language-learning apps to suit our demand. Here we recommend you some nice language-learning Apps for Windows 10.

Collections of Free Download Managers for Windows 10 Users

  • Downloading videos, music or pictures on the Internet is a common thing in our daily work. There are a variety of download managers like for chrome, for windows, or for Andriod. How to find the best download manager for your Windows 10 PCs or mobile phones is not an easy task. Here are five free and powerful download managers recommended for you guys. Hope they can be helpful in your work.  

Six Free and Helpful Graphic Design Apps for Windows 10

  • For many design beginners, the answer of questions like "can I learn graphic design on my own", or "where to find the free app for graphic design", may be is what they want to know. Today, I will recommend five best graphic design app tools for beginners to learn design or draw on their own. Users can design a logo, cover banners or sketch a picture on these windows apps. Please note that all the designing, sketching or drawing app are free to download for your Windows 10 systems.

Five Best Windows 10 Notes App Recommendation

  • Have you ever suffer such a situation where you write something important on the notebook but later cannot find it anywhere? A note-taking app can help you solve the problem perfectly! You can write anything you need to remember on the virtual notebook app and access or sync them to other devices you have. Now, since Windows 10 or smartphones are popular in our daily life and work. Install one virtual note-taking app on the Windows 10 desktop or phone is helpful for us to manage and schedule our time. Here is a recommended list of best Windows 10 notes apps. You can download different types of Windows notes app as you need.

Software Directory for Windows 10 Every Desktop Should Have

  • Want to know about the essential apps and must have software for Windows 10? Here are some of the best softwares for Windows 10 you should strongly consider installing on your computer.

Use the Best Windows 10 APP to Increase Your Productivity

  • In today's busy and tired working environment, many of us want to manage and finish our tasks in a simple and easy. How to promote productivity and work more effectively every day? If you're using the Windows 10 computers, here are some best productivity apps for you to keep your work and life organized. These free Windows 10 productivity apps aim to help you manage and get work done without having to hovel, and save more time for yourselves.

Free & Best Youtube APP for Windows 10 Users

  • Youtube now is one of the most popular video platforms around the world. You can find numerous and diverse videos like music, animals, tutorials, news, Vlogs, etc. If you have used the YouTube app on your phone, you must know the benefits of using a dedicated YouTube app. However, PC is different from the phone, is there any third-party YouTube apps or clients for Windows 10 users? Of course, there are! Here are six popular Youtube apps that can help users enjoy videos and music on Windows 10 PC. All of them are free to Windows 10. Try to get the best Youtube app here!