Best Themes Apps for Windows 10

Find best Windows 10 apps here. Editor's choice means high quality and more popular. New apps list helps you find new released & latest updated Windows 10 apps on Microsoft store. UWP apps have their advantages,such as clean install and uninstall,much safer,less CPU costs, etc. There are a lot of good UWP apps for Windows 10 on Microsoft store, we pick them out, we write reviews, and set tags to them. We do this for helping Windows 10 users find the best Windows 10 app they may need.

Rain in the City

1 Free

  • This is a new theme, Rain in the City, released by Microsoft for Windows 10. It includes 18 high-quality wallpapers showing the beauty of rainy days in cities. It's free for all Win 10 users.

Gears 5 Campaign

2 Free

  • This Gears 5 Campaign theme pack includes seven images of the Gears 5 campaign shooter video game that is one of the most gaming acclaimed sagas. All these Gears 5 wallpapers are free for Windows 10 PC.

Gears POP! Wallpapers

2 Free

  • The Gears POP! Windows 10 theme includes seven 4k images of the animated Gears POP! characters outside of the battlefield, free for Windows 10 PC.

McLaren Senna Track Day

114 Free

  • The McLaren Senna Track Day theme pack includes 10 HD images of Mclaren's car on the track. All these 1080P desktop wallpapers are free for Windows 10.

Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift

15 Free

  • Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift in Microsoft Store is an awesome car theme that contains 18 images of car drift with world champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. All these HD wallpapers are free for Windows 10 desktop.

World of Bamboo PREMIUM

1 Free

  • World of Bamboo PREMIUM 4k Windows theme comes with 20 4k images of beautiful scenery made up of bamboo. Explore more bamboo creations in this free Windows desktop wallpapers now.

Bending Light PREMIUM

3 Free

  • Bending Light PREMIUM 4k theme in Microsoft Store offers 18 high-quality images of bending lights entering and exiting prisms. Free download for Windows 10.

Earth from Above PREMIUM

2 Free

  • The new Windows 10 4k theme is called "Earth from Above PREMIUM", it comes with 14 premium 4k images of the Earth with different weather and timeframe which look absolutely amazing when applied.

Surfboards PREMIUM

1 Free

  • The Surfboards Premium 4K theme pack offers 16 free high-quality images of surfboards with different colors. This 4K theme is newly released by Microsoft for Windows 10.

The Solar Eclipse

6 Free

  • The Solar Eclipse theme in Microsoft Store brings 15 gorgeous and surprising solar eclipse images from Noth America, free download for Windows 10.


1 Free

  • Monsoons theme is a new and free Windows 10 theme released by Microsoft, comes with 16 high-quality rainy season desktop wallpapers with different animals.

Flower Petals

1 Free

  • Flower Petals theme brings you to enjoy the beauty of different types of blooming flower petals in the 18 HD desktop wallpapers. Download free for Windows 10.

Sunflowers PREMIUM

2 Free

  • This Sunflowers PREMIUM 4k theme is a warm and cheery theme, the 17 sunflowers images bring happiness and vitality for your day.

Sights of Russia

47 Free

  • Discover the unique places in Russia with this free Windows 10 theme - Sights of Russia, experiencing the exotic traditional things and the best view of Russia.

Wildlife of India

46 Free

  • This Wildlife of India theme pack is a collection dedicated to showing India's beautiful wildlife. 15 high-quality images of India wildlife with different animals are free to download.

Beautiful Norway

58 Free

  • This Windows theme pack shows you the beautiful scenery of Norway, discovering the best views of Norway in the 18 Norway places images.

Call of the Raven

31 Free

  • Call of Raven theme shows the vividly Raven's caw, perch and soar on sunny days and midnights in the 15 high-quality images, totally free for Windows 10.