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A closer Look at Windows 10 New Light vs Dark Theme


Microsoft has been updating windows 10 operating systems to enhance its users' experience. This year, the Windows 10 May 2019 Update has added some new features like the new light theme, to the Windows 10 systems. Compared to the previous dark theme on Windows 10, what're new features of this light theme? This article will focus on the windows 10 light theme vs dark theme, features come with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, and how to enable or disable them on your Windows 10 devices. 

Overview of Windows 10 New Light Theme vs Dark Theme

Lighter color gives people a feel of simplicity, relax and warm. And light theme can brighten the environment and be friendly on your eyes and keep you in a good mood. That's also why Microsoft adds a new light theme to the latest windows 10 version 1903. While the dark mode is a color scheme that text, app icons and graphical interface style on users PCs are shown in a light-colored style. Dark theme style often is used to low-light environments and make the text or books easy to read in the dark. These two theme types are popular on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google now. 

Windows 10 new light theme vs dark theme.png

In the Windows April 2018 Update (Windows 10 version 1803), Windows themes already have two color modes - light and dark mode. Users can apply lighter or white color under the light theme and use the dark colors and accents under the dark theme. But in the light mode, not all the parts become light color, especially the start menu and action center. In the May 2019 Update, or the latest Windows 10 version 1903, Microsoft has improved the light theme design, the apps, elements, and other core UI elements become shaded light so that users can differentiate the light and dark themes on Windows 10.

Differences to Enable the New Light Theme vs Dark Theme on Windows 10

The way to enable the new light mode theme or dark mode theme on Windows 10 is very simple. Just follow the steps: type “Themes” in Windows Search and open the Themes page in Settings. Then you can choose Windows or Windows (light) as your PC theme settings. 

When you turn on the new light theme on your Windows 10, you can find that the context menu becomes in lighter colors, the Start Menu also becomes light with Fluent Design. And if you want to make your Windows interface or Windows apps in different colors, just click the Colors on the left menu, and then you can select a preferred color you like. And the light theme will be applied to the parts like time & date setting, WiFi and volume flyout setting.

However, you will see your PC backgrounds get black and the overall look of your screen will become dark as well when you switch to the dark theme option. And like the light theme, you can choose too dark your Windows interface or apps look in the custom option. But you should notice that not all apps in your Windows 10 will sync the dark theme, which means those apps do not support the Windows 10 dark theme. Like the previous File explorer, users have to change the settings manually to apply the Windows dark mode. You can change the light mode to dark mode on most apps inside the setting. 

Windows 10 Light Theme vs Dark Theme: How to Switch Them Automatically?

When Microsoft released the May 2019 Update and add the new light theme features, many people do enjoy this new feature, but there are some different opinions. Some examples like:

  • “I look up ways to take care of my eyesight, and the doctor's advice is to avoid ambient lighting, so I love the dark theme more.”
  • “I cannot turn down the light under the light theme. It would be better if there is a setting to change the different degrees between the light and dark.” 
  • “The light theme gives me the feeling of using windows 7 classic before switching to windows 10, but now I prefer to use the light theme at daytime, the dark theme at nighttime.” 

Then another problem arises: why Microsoft doesn't provide the option to switch the light theme to dark theme automatically based on time? Why Microsoft cannot provide more theme options for users to customize their Windows 10 desktop? The third-party programs - Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode - can give users to customize the time on Windows 10, and allows users to switch the light theme to dark theme or reverse automatically as they like. If you guys love that features, download it and have a try now. 

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