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Download Microsoft New 4K Themes for Windows 10 for Free


We all know that Microsoft has updated windows 10 on May 2019. And after that Microsoft has been keeping releasing premium 4K themes for Windows 10. If you have updated the newest Win 10 version, download the newly released 4K Windows themes from Microsoft Store to decor your new Windows 10 look, which will be a good choice. Microsoft has provided some high-quality, HD wallpapers for windows 10 users. Different from the popular light or dark windows themes, these new 4K Windows 10 themes only includes wallpapers. 

In this post, there are eight premium 4K themes for Windows 10. Each desktop wallpapers have their own beauty and will give you an eye feast. 

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1.Classic Cars PREMIUM

If you're a cool boy or girl who loves the motorbikes and cars, this Microsoft theme - Classic Cars PREMIUM - can be what you like. Apply these themes in your Windows 10 PCs, and when you look at it every time, it seems like a classic but cool motorbike is running on the road front of you. 

4K Windows 10 themes chassic car.png

This Windows 10 themes includes 15 4K wallpapers, aiming to give you a feel of touring through the time. Please note that your PCs system should be Windows 10 version 14951.0 or higher if you want to download and apply the Classic Cars PREMIUM themes. 

2.Wild Eyes PREMIUM

Windows animal themes are always popular for users. This Microsoft premium 4k theme set, containing 14 types of animals and birds, shows a closeup of animals stunning eyes in different environments. You can download this 4k premium themes for your Windows 10 PCs here.

4K Windows 10 themes Wild Eyes.png

Awesome nature landscape can bring a feeling of shocking and amazing and offers us a new view to look at the world. Sometimes only when we stay with ourselves can we appreciate the beauty of nature. Microsoft 4K windows 10 themes provide such a chance to enjoy the natural scenic beauty. Have a look at the following landscape wallpapers, and download the one you loved for your Windows 10 PCs. 

3. Aerial Beaches PREMIUM

This Microsoft themes pack includes 15 free premium 4K desktop wallpapers like endless waves and beaches intertwined with each other, showing a grand and lofty view on your Windows 10 PC screen. You can download this beaches themes here. 

4K Windows 10 themes Aerial Beaches.png

4. Aerial Iceland PREMIUM

This Aerial Iceland 4K theme in Microsoft Store shows another scene from the view of the sky. It contains 15 4K premium desktop wallpapers that free for Windows 10 themes. When you apply them on your PCs, you can get a bird's eye view of volcanoes, river valleys, mountains. Download the  4K Windows 10 theme here

4k Windows 10 themes Aerial Iceland.png

5. Aerial Views PREMIUM

Most of the time we are used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and forget the peace of fields. This Aerial Views premium 4K themes on Windows 10 provides a chance that gets close to the farms, waters, and mountains seen from the air.  

4K Windows 10 themes Aerial Views.png

6. National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM

The National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM 4K theme shows the scenery of icebergs glaciers and sea caves from the coldest, driest, and windies. All there are contained in the 12 4K desktop wallpaper packs. Download the theme to apply on your Windows 10 PCs, it won't let you down definitely. 

4k windows 10 themes National Geographic Antarctica.png

7. National Geographic Hummingbirds PREMIUM

National Geographic Hummingbirds themes is another desktop wallpaper of the National Geographic series. You can appreciate a variety of the smallest birds in the world via the 4K premium images, which you may never see in your whole life. Install the themes on your Windows 10 PCs now.  

4k windows 10 themes National Geographic Hummingbirds.png

8. Mountain Light PREMIUM

If you're a fan of hiking, you may love these Microsoft 4K wallpapers packs very much. As the theme description "Take in these Sweeping views of 18 spectacular mountains around the world", this windows 10 theme contains 18 4K images for users to apply to windows 10 14951.0 or higher version.  

4k Windows 10 themes Mountain Light.png

Note again that all the 4K themes for Windows 10 mentioned above are free totally. But it only can be used on Windows 10 version 14951.0 or higher. And they don't contain any audio or live enhancements, just a set of premium 4K wallpapers for Microsoft desktop. After downloading these themes, head to Settings -> Personalization -> Themes, click on theme to apply to your Windows 10 desktop.

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