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How to Set and Remove Daily Bing Wallpapers on Windows 10


Bing daily wallpapers show the awesome scenery of one place around the world, which gains popularity among many Win 10 users. Recently, Microsoft released a new Bing Wallpaper app on Windows 10 that allows users to set the daily Bing image as the desktop wallpaper. With this Bing wallpaper app, you do not need to download Bing daily pictures every day and set them as Windows backgrounds manually. This post will guide you to download the Bing Wallpaper app, change Bing backgrounds, and remove Bing Wallpapers for your Windows 10. In addition, some alternatives to the Bing Wallpaper app will also be introduced. 

Set Daily Bing Wallpapers as Desktop Backgrounds on Windows 10

Here are the detailed steps to download and set Bing images for your Windows 10: 

1. Go to the Microsoft page and download the BingWallpaper.exe

2. Click the "Install Now" or "Get it Now" button, then the .exe file will be download automatically. 

download bing wallpaper app for windows 10

3. Find the BingWallpaper.exe file in your folder (click the download file reminder to find its location), and double click it. 

4. In the pop-ups, uncheck the two options - Set Bing as my homepage and Set Bing as my default search provider, then click the "Install now" button. 

install bing wallpaper for windows 10

5. The Bing Wallpaper app will be installed in several minutes. Once the installation is finished, your windows backgrounds will be updated as one Bing wallpapers automatically. 

install bing wallpaper app

Here are several daily Bing images you can change for your desktop backgrounds. Just find the Bing icon in your taskbar, right-click it and then you will find the "Change Wallpaper" option, press it, and your desktop backgrounds will be changed simultaneously.

Remove Bing Wallpaper App from Your Windows 10 

When you have applied this app on your PC, the desktop backgrounds will be daily images of Bing in real-time. One drawback of this app is that you may not like each image but you do not have many choices because there are only eight or so images available every week. So if you want to get rid of this Bing app anymore, here are the steps to uninstall the Bing Wallpaper app from your PC. 

1. Open the Windows search bar, type "Bing Wallpaper" in the search box. Find the Bing Wallpaper app in the search result. If there are lots of results related to Bing, you can click the "Apps" option in the upside to match more exactly the result. 

remove bing wallpaper app from windows 10

2. Click the ''Bing Wallpaper" and you will see there are several options you can do with this app such as Open file location, Pin to the taskbar, and Open. 

3. Click the "Uninstall" option, then a new pop-up will appear, where to save all the apps you have installed. 

uninstall bing wallpaper app

4. Find the Bing Wallpaper app file, right-click it, and then press the "OK" option in the pop-up. It may need several seconds to wait for the uninstallation process. 

remove bing wallpaper

When you have removed the Bing Wallpaper app form your PC, the current Windows 10 backgrounds won't be changed to the previous one. You need to move to Settings > Personalization > Backgrounds to change it. 

Alternatives to Bing Wallpaper App on Windows 10 

The newly released Bing Wallpaper app only provides the daily images in real-time. If you want to decor your Windows 10 desktop backgrounds with previous Bing wallpapers, you can use these apps that also offer Bing desktop wallpapers. 

Dynamic Theme

This personalization app offers dynamic backgrounds and/or lock screen pictures with daily Bing or Windows Spotlight pictures. You can download it from Microsoft Store for free, and set Bing images as your Windows 10 backgrounds or lock screen. This app won't limit the Bing images release date, and you can just view the back-catalog of Daily Bing wallpapers to see previous ones, set the one you love as Win 10 background instead, or download the images to your PC. 

Daily Desktop Wallpaper

This desktop wallpaper app allows you to change your Windows 10 backgrounds or lock screen with the Bing image of the day. It is very simple to use, and you can get Bing daily wallpapers according to the set region. Similar to the Microsoft Bing Wallpaper app, this one also shows you the limited Bing images and its description. 

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