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Top 10 Best Free Mind Map Software in 2020


Mind map software, also called concept map software or brainstorming software, is a thought map tool that can help you to make visual diagrams of your ideas. In today's working or study occasion, using a mind map tool to present your thoughts to others is a necessary skill. Due to the various devices that we used every day, there are different mind map software or mind map apps compatible with our Windows computers or Mac, iOS system. In the following part, this post will introduce the top 10 free or best mind map software that can work online or download for Windows PCs, Mac and iOS devices.

Xmind Map Software

Xmind is a powerful mind map and brainstorming tool, which has get popularity among both individuals and enterprise businesses. It has different versions: Xmind ZEN 2020, Xmind 8 and mobile version. This mind map software supports Windows 64bit and 32bit system, macOS, and Linux OS. The mobile Xmind map maker supports both Android and iOS.

xmind mind map software

The Xmind thought map software has a very simple interface with multiple functions, like setting color, move text position, use a variety of icons to mark, add pictures, set fonts, URLs and so on. The export function is also good, supporting images, PDF, images, web page formats. One of the special features of this free mind mapping software is that it has diverse and helpful mind map templates for users to choose from, which can help them make a mind map diagram in the simplest way. Besides, on the website of Xmind mind map software, there are a variety of wonderful mind map examples online for beginners to learn how to make a mind map as they like.


Marked as the ultimate online mind map maker, GitMind is a partly free but the best online mind mapping tool, and very friendly for bignners.

free mind map software online gitmind

It has a very concise interface and functions for mind map making. Supports adding add text, pictures, links, and topic notes that can line to associate its related content using the relationship line. And the text can also be modified font, size, and color. This online mind map software also displays different mind map templates and styles for users to learn. It supports exporting images, PDFs and text. Online team collaboration capabilities are available. Compared with other free download mind map software, this one is only available on the web, which is convenient for online collaborate work and saves disk space both on Windows and Mac.


Like the Github mind map maker, Mindmeister is another online mind map maker that is considered the best online mind mapping software on the market. Its online version supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems, and its free mobile mind map apps can be used for iPhone, iPad and Android.

mindmeister mind map software

The MindMeister mind map generator has an elaborate operation interface, users can get started making a brainstorming map easily by using the various mapping templates for business, studying, life or work. Except for the basic functions like other mind mapping software, Mindmeister supports insert images, videos, and links, and you can invite your friends or colleagues to make the mind mapping diagrams online together. What's more, if you have made a wonderful mind map diagram, you can share it with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to more people. You can do all the things online with the Mindmeister mapping software as you like.


MindMaster is a free mind mapping tool with a variety of functions to make your ideas and thoughts in a visual diagram. It supports rich styles, more than 30 mind map theme styles, and unique hand-drawn styles. You can add borders, callouts, gaze comments, tags, pictures, attachments, etc. as you like when making the mind mapping diagrams. If the mind maps have done, you can export it to other files such as Office, PDF, Evernote, and graphic files. And you also can share your mind map on Facebook and Twitter through the Html link!

mindmaster mind mapping software

This mind map software can run on Windows, Mac and Linux systems, and you can use MindMaster on your mobile device and the web at the same time.


If you are looking for a mind map app for Mac or iOS devices, MindNode software is a good choice.

mindnote mind map software for mac and ios

MindNode is a very beautiful but functional mind map software. It has a very simple working interface, easy to operate. Various icons and illustrations can be added to the topic nodes, which may be the most beautiful style in all mind map software or apps. You can add images or text, and countless icons as you like. And you can see your finished mind map diagram using folders, which is very convenient. One of the key points of the MindNote mind mapping app is that it supports rich export file types - FreeMind, OMPL, PDF, pictures, CVS, etc. Please note that the MindNode only offers a 14-day free trial, after 14 days, you can only use this mind map app to view and export your mind map documents. You have to purchase a one-time In-App Purchase if you want to get the full functions.


FreeMind is a Java-based mind mapping software with powerful functions to make a mind map. You can run it on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux in a Java environment with a little memory. FreeMind has a minimalist interface with rich inner functions than web-based mind map tools. You can edit your ideas around a central concept like other mind map software, fold and add the branches, add icons on nodes, and the non-linear approach assists in brainstorming new outlines and projects as ideas are added around the mind map. The key feature of FreeMind is that you can export your mind map work with diverse types such as XML, HTML, XHTML, PDF, PNG, SVG, JPEG, etc., which other mind map software may not support. If you pay more attention to the functions rather than fancy graphics, FreeMind concept map software will be a good choice.


Coggle is the best mind map software online for beginners. When starting creating ideas maps on Coggle, you can drag the nodes and rearrange them into a format that fits the whole layout of your main map, add images and attachments as you need. And online collaborative drawing is available, so you can co-create mind maps and flowcharts with your friends or colleagues at the same time.

best mind map software online coggle

The other popular feature of this online mind map software is that Coggle allows you format your mind map items and messages with Markdown, so you can get a needed style while adding your text, images, and links to the canvas. What’s more, you also can find lots of mind map templates and examples on the Coggle gallery, which allows you to refer to make elaborate mind maps in a simple way. After finished the creating of the mind map, You can download your mind maps as PDFs or image files, and you can also export as .mm and text as well as export to Microsoft Visio.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a functional mind map software, which suitable for creating mind map diagrams and charts. It can work with Microsoft Office 365 and get data from Office 365 to help you realize visual work.

microsoft visio mind map software

More than a mind mapping software, Microsoft Visio provides numbers of mind map templates and examples of flowcharts, diagrams, org charts, floor plans, engineering designs, etc., which allow you to draw a mind map chart easily and intuitively. And you can share your work results as a link, attachment, image, or PDF files. Collaborate working with multiples colleagues simultaneously on the same mindmap is also available on Visio. In simple terms, if you are used to working on Windows systems, Microsoft Visio can be a preferred option to create concept mind maps.


OmniGraffle is a popular mind map software to create graphics and visuals. Like MindNote thought map software, OmniGraffle only supports Mac and iOS devices. But this limitation can not limit its popularity, some people may buy a Mac device because of this graphic design software.

omnigraffle mind map software

The interface of OmniGraffle is simple and looks very comfortable. One of the key features of this mind mapping app is that there are many shortcut keys which can improve your graphic-making efficiency. The design tools of OmniGraffle contains canvases, templates, stencils, vector drawing, and grid guides. The saved files can be imported to Visio for modifications.


Mindomo is an easy-to-learn mind mapping software designed for students and teachers. Except for the basic functions of a concept map generator, the most useful mind mapping tools in Mindomo includes the real-time collaboration, a mind map template library, the ability to add links, video, and audio to mind maps, and the ability to easily search for web images directly within the app.

mindomo mind map software

Multiple file types are supported in Mindomo such as pdf, .docx, .pptx, .txt, .opml, .mpx, .html, .zip, .png. etc. Different from other mind mapping software, Mindomo supports offline working so that users still can create and edit mind maps if there are bad network signal. Please note that Mindomo requires $6 per month, but it offers a free trial allowing users making up to 3 free mind maps.

Which Mind Map Software to Choose?

Mind maps are great tools for understanding and communicating ideas because we humans are visual creatures and we process visual information very quickly. We have gone through the top 10 best mind map software and give an introduction to their features. You can choose the best one depending on your device's system, and actual needs - some free functions of a mind map software may be enough. For those need high-level features, buy a mind map generator can be a better option.

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