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Windows 10 20H1 (Version 2004) Review: New Changes You Can't Miss


Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 is expected to release in April 2020 (or update May 2020), and this new version is also called Windows 10 version 2004. Different from Windows 10 November 2019 (version 1909), this Windows 10 20H1 release will be delivered as a full OS update, and a series of useful improvements and new features will come together. So let’s dive into the Windows 10 20H1 to have a look at the new changes. 

Windows 10 20H1 (Version 2004) Features

Windows 10 New Cortana

In this new update, Microsoft seems to reposition the Windows 10 Cortana as a productivity-based assistant that enhance your work life. So it will help you out with your emails, schedules reminders, all of that Microsoft 365 based stuff that Cortana should be very good at. Besides, in this Windows 10 version 2004 update, Cortana comes with a flexible and friendly interface, now you can move and resize the Cortana interface as you like, and it supports both text and voice interactions. However, the big drawbacks of this Windows 10 20H1 update are that Cortana can not control the music, smart home control, and other third-party apps. For example, if you want to use Cortana to turn off your lights or play music, it can't do that. 

Windows 10 20h1 version 2004 cortana

Virtual Desktops Customization

Windows 10 virtual desktops are one of such features that you can use it or not use. For many powerful Win 10 users, create different desktops for different work environments are necessary and productive. In this Windows 10 20H1 update, users can rename it with text or emojis, which is unavailable in the previous Windows 10 versions. No longer to use the default names of "Desktop 1" or "Desktop 2".  After renaming it, users can save the state across reboots, which is also can't be realized in previous Win 10 versions. 

Windows 10 20h1 version 2004 virtual desktops

Changes in Windows 10 Task Manager

The task manager in this new Windows 10 20H1 update allows Win 10 users to check the detailed GPU temperatures when they open the performance tab. This new change in helpful for power users. Please note that this info view is only available for dedicated GPUs that support WWDM 2.4 or higher. If your computer GPU doesn't meet that requirement, you may not see the temperature inside the Task Manager in the Windows 10 version 2004. 

Windows 10 20h1 version 2004 disk types

What's more, if you had multiple hard drives, you are able to see the types of your disks inside your PC. Underneath each disk drive, the task manager now shows an SSD or HDD indicator that helps you know the drive you're using is mechanical, solid-state or removable storage. Besides, in the details tab above, the Provide Feedback option is also available now. 

Improvements of Windows 10 Search 

In the Windows 10 20H1, the search function becomes more intelligent and quick. It can detect and correct the small typos in search queries, which previous versions can't do. And it will show better suggestions when you type something on the search bar. What's more, Microsoft has added a few quick searches along the bottom of the Windows Search interface for instant access to frequent web-based searches such as the weather top news, and new movies.

windows 10 20H1 search box

Changes in Settings of Windows 10 20H1

Microsoft has made few changes in the setting windows, the header is updated with a new message get even more out of windows. it contains options to set OneDrive to link your phone and an able timeline and more. And Microsoft is always trying to improve user's profile security while keeping the convenient user experience. In this new Windows 10 20H1 update, if users have enabled the Windows Hello service, they cannot log in to the device from the lock screen via the Microsoft account, which will be safer for users to protect their privacy. Besides, this new Windows 10 version 2004 update also adds other functions like cursor speed control as well as updates to existing settings already under the modern Settings app.

windows 10 20h1 version 2004 settings

Other Small But New Features of Windows 10 20H1 (Version 2004)

As the main features of the Windows 10 20H1 mentioned above, there are still other packed with smaller tweaks and bug fixes that you can’t miss. 

  • Tablet Mode: It is redesigned in the Windows 10 version 2004 and becomes more touch-friendly. Space is increased between the icon and the task bar, and the search bar is converted into the icon, whenever you touch any text field, the keyboard automatically appears. 
  • Update & Recovery Settings: you can limit the bandwidth for downloading the Windows 10 Spring update, not just the percentage, but you can enter the specific bandwidth with numbers. When you have to recover the PC, you had to download the ISO or create a bootable device in earlier Windows 10 versions, but now you can reinstall or repair the windows from the Cloud. 
  • Language Settings: the new language setting is improved in Windows 10 version 2004 to make it easier to understand, now you give the overview of windows display, apps and website, regional format keyboard, and speech languages in the Language settings. 
  • Optional Features: with this new update, you will get an update optional features. Now you can easily add and search multiple optional features like graphic tools and different supplemental fonts at the same time, and sort them in various ways. 
  • Text Cursor Setting: Microsoft also makes some changes to make its ease of access in every update, in the Windows 10 20H1update, they have included the option to increase and add custom color text cursors. 

How to Get the Windows 10 20H1 (Version 2004)?

The Windows 10 20H1 (Version 2004) is the first update of Windows in 2020, and there are many significant and noteworthy changes. In recent months, Microsoft has been testing Windows 10 20H1 (version 2004) to make it closer to a public release. But at present, it is already available for Windows insiders. And the ISO file of Windows 10 20H1 has been released, which you can download from the Windows Insider site here. The release of the ISO file means you can now perform a clean install of your machine with Windows 10 20H1, as it’s fairly stable nowadays. Though there are definitely lots of rough edges and bugs, Microsoft will get them addressed appropriately when the Windows 10 version 2004 is released in April 2020 (or May 2020). 

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