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How to Sync Windows 10 Themes on Your Computers?


Many Windows 10 users have met the same problems when they try to sync the Microsoft themes on their Windows devices. They have tried different methods to solve the sync setting problems but in vain. Today this post will explore the solutions of how to sync windows 10 themes or desktop wallpapers among your different computers. 

On October 29, 2019, Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19013. In this version, Microsoft said they have "worked on our sync engine" and announced that the syndication of desktop wallpapers and themes on different Windows 10 devices is available now. 

Windows 10 Insider Preview 19013 fix sync themes

How to Enable Sync Windows 10 Themes or Wallpapers?

Before starting to sync your desktop wallpapers or other settings on Windows devices, please note that you should connect your Microsoft account to your Windows user account at first to finish the steps of syncing. If you have several windows 10 devices, make sure all your windows local accounts have connected with your Microsoft account, which ensures the success theme sync on those devices. Finish that, you can follow these steps to sync the themes now.

Press Win + I to open the Setting Menu and then choose the Accounts category.

You can find the "Sync Your Settings" on the left side. On the right side, there are customized options you can choose. 

  • Theme – user tile, desktop wallpapers, taskbar position and colors, etc.
  • Passwords – Windows credential manager, including Wi-Fi profiles.
  • Language Preferences – Spelling dictionary, system language settings.
  • Ease of Access – Narrator, on-screen keyboard.
  • Other Windows Settings like data time and region.

sync Windows 10 themes settings

If you want to sync all your settings to your other Windows 10 devices, just click the "Sync Settings" toggle to "On" position. When sync settings are turned on, Windows syncs the settings you choose across all your Windows 10 devices that you've signed in to with your Microsoft account.

If you want to keep some individuals settings on different devices, like using different themes on different devices, just switch the toggle to "OFF" under the Individual Sync Settings. 

Then reboot your Windows 10 devices, the sync settings you configure will be synced. Sync the themes or other settings to your work and school account are also supported by Windows 10 if you need it.

How to Remove the Synced Windows 10 Themes or Wallpapers?

Sometimes we may want to apply different desktop wallpapers, themes settings or other personal configurations on different Windows 10 devices. Then the sync settings will not be needed. And if you have multiple windows devices that all are configured the Sync settings and want to remove the synced Windows 10 themes or wallpapers, here are the steps to remove the sync windows 10 themes and settings. 

  • Press Win + I to open the setting cog. 
  • Find the Accounts category and click it. 
  • Find the Sync Settings on the left side, just click it. 
  • Turn off all the toggles under the Sync Settings and Individual Settings. 

Configure different settings like themes to see whether the desktop wallpaper has changed or not. If the synced desktop themes don’t change, you may need to reboot the devices and try again. 

Disable the sync settings will stop your Windows devices from syncing your configurations on one device to others. If you don't want to sync some features to part of your devices, just close the Sync Settings on them and let other Windows devices keep the sync features. 

What Should You Do When Your Windows 10 Not Sync Themes or Desktop Wallpapers?

We can find that sometimes Windows 10 does not sync the themes or other settings, even though we have configured the Sync Settings. Here is some advice when your Windows 10 computers don't change the themes. 

Advice 1: check whether you have logged into your Windows computers via a Microsoft Account. If not, please change the logging account manually. 

Advice 2: check your Feedback & diagnostics settings on your computers. Open Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics, set the setting options to Enhanced or higher, not the basic one. Many people cannot sync the themes because they set the wrong feedback settings. Just try it. 

Advice 3: download and install Microsoft's Account Troubleshooter to help you check where the problem occurs. Note that you should log in to the devices with the account you want to sync the themes. 

Advice 4: Update to the newest Windows 10 versions. Microsoft has always fixed some issues reported by users in their new versions, the update also can help you solve this problem.

How to Delete the Synced Windows 10 Themes From Computers?

We know that Windows 10 or 8 are support sync themes or other settings among several Windows devices. But not everyone loves this syndication. If your computers have sync the desktop wallpapers or themes and you want to delete it. Here is the method to delete the sync settings.

Go to the Microsoft OneDrive page and log in with your Microsft account. Click the Delete your personal settings from the cloud OneDrive page, scroll to the bottom to find the "Remove" option. Click it to delete the settings you configured and stored in the Cloud before. 

remove Windows 10 synced themes

Please note that sync settings on all your devices that connect with your Microsoft Accounts should have been turning off. If not, the synced features like desktop wallpapers maybe kept and you need to do the above deleting steps again.

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