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How to Use PDF Viewer in New Microsoft Edge Browser


Microsoft sets the Edge chromium as Windows 10 default browser and is always devoted to improving users' experience. Since the old Edge PDF reader is deeply loved by Win 10 users, so the update of the new Edge chromium PDF reader is always going on. This guide will explore the use steps of Microsoft Edge PDF viewer on Windows 10 and some new updates of the edge PDF viewer.  

Enable and Disable PDF Viewer in Microsoft Edge

Users who are used to Windows 7 or 8 systems may find that the PDF files will open automatically in Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or Foxit Reader that has installed. But in Windows 10, there is a little difference. For users who want to use Edge chromium PDF viewer, this is not convenient. But sometimes, the PDF files will open in MS Edge instead of the Adobe even if you have installed Adobe reader in your Win 10 PC. So for those who want to open PDF files in the Microsoft Edge browser or do not use PDF reader in the Edge web browser, here are the steps to enable and disable Edge Chromium PDF viewer.

Steps to enable PDF viewer in MS Edge web browser:

1. Go to Settings > APPs > Default apps.

2. Click the option "Set defaults by app".

3. Find the Microsoft Edge icon, choose it, and click the Manage button. 

microsoft edge PDF viewer setting

4. Find the .pdf file type, click the current default app icon, then choose the Microsoft Edge in the small pop-ups. 

microsoft new edge PDF viewer 2

Once you have finished the settings, your PDF files will open with the Edge web browser on Windows 10 next time when you need it. 

Not everyone gets used to open PDFs in the MS Edge web browser, especially when they have other PDF reader installed on the Windows 10. If you want to disenable PDF viewer, you can go to Settings > Site Permissions > PDF documents, then toggle on Always open PDF files externally. Please note that, at present, this disables operation may cause some errors when you need to open PDF files in Microsoft Edge. It will remind you to download the PDF files, but showing you the PDF links is an error. And you need to find the file in your PC file locations you have set. 

Use PDF Viewer in Microsoft Edge Browser

Like the old Edge web browser, Microsoft has added all the necessary controls that is needed to work with PDF files. For example, the number of PDF pages, pin the PDF toolbar, zoom in and zoom out, print PDF document, etc. And other PDF editing features are also available in the Edge chromium PDF reader. 

Inking on PDF files. In the latest Microsoft Edge update, the inking creatures of the Edge PDF viewer is available. Users can use the built-in inking tools after opening the PDF files, which allows Win 10 users to take notes, fill out and sign PDF forms in the Microsoft Edge. Click on the Draw button from the toolbar to start writing. A digital pen, touch, or mouse can be used to draw in the PDF files if your devices support. 

Various colors are available when drawing on a PDF file. Microsoft has added the features to change the color and width of the lines users have drawing on the PDF files. 

Annotations on PDF files. Based on user feedback, Microsoft adds the annotations features that users can highlight PDF text with up to four colors. In the MS Edge browser, users can select any piece of text on a PDF document that they need to highlight, right-click to invoke the context menu, and then they can find the option to highlight the text. And at present, Win 10 users can access this annotations feature in the Canary, Dev and Beta channels via the context menu. 

microsoft new edge annotations

Please note that the PDF viewer in Microsoft Edge chromium is still under development. Its functions are not as perfect as the old edge browser. But we can expect more abilities to edit PDF files in Microsoft Edge, as we can see from its official release. 

Other Free Viewer & Editor on Windows 10

Since the new Edge is a new web broweser, some features of its PDF viewer has not finished. However, Microsoft has added lots of free PDF editor and reader apps to its Store, some of them come with great features that can help you deal with PDF files in work and daily use. 

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