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How to Install Google Chrome Extension in New Microsoft Edge


Chrome Web Store has numerous of extensions availabe. Several months ago, when the new Microsoft Edge browser claimed that the edge chromium supported Google Chrome extenion installation, but the Chrome Store used to said “Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extension securely”, which made those who are unaware of Google and Microsoft's ongoing browser. However, now Google has removed the warning info, and replaced it with “You can now add extensions from the Chrome Web Store to Microsoft Edge- Click on "Add to Chrome.", which means it’s safe to use Chrome extension on Microsoft Edge chromium browser without worring about the security. 

As the number of native new Edge extensions continue to grow, being able to add Google Chrome extensions will bring more conveniences to use the new Edge chromium browser. Then here are the detailed steps to show you how to install Google Chrome extenion to your new Microsoft Edge browser. 

Step 1: Download the new Microsoft Edge, and then move to three dots in the top right cornor: Settings > Extensions. 

install chrome extensions on new edge

Step 2: Toggle the Allow extensions from other stores an the lower left hand side, and click "Allow" in the dialogue box that pops up. Then you have enabled Google extension support. 

install chrome extensions on new edge

Step 3: Go to the Google Chrome Extension Store, select one extension you want to add, just click the "Add to Chrome" button to add it to your Mirosoft Edge. Then your extensions will be installed like the way they are installed in Chrome browser. 

install chrome extension in new edge chromium

If you want to check the extension you have added, move to Settings > Extensions on the right corner. In the extension page, you can see a list of extensions installed from Microsoft Store, and the extensions added from Chrome Store will be shown under the option "From other sources section".

Now you can get lots of useful Chrome extensions in new edge to work with your Windows 10, making your work more efficiency. Please note that even if you can install extensions from Chrome Store for your new Windows Edge, sometimes there are still some extensions not supporting the Microsoft Edge browser due to the large numbers of extensions in the Google Chrome Store. So if you have problems installing one extension from Chrome Store, maybe it still need some time to wait for its availability. 

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