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These Extensions Will Make You Love Your Firefox Browser Even More


Mozilla Firefox excels for being one of the most secure, commercially available browsers in the world. The company behind this browser has also started improving the aesthetics of their creation so much these days, new users are flocking to the browser.

Besides the security model that comes with the browser, though, you can still get a lot more from Mozilla. If you know the right add-ons to get, that is.

In this piece, we explore some of the top add-ons and extensions that brighten up your Mozilla Firefox experience.

Theme Customizers

First things first, let’s get your browser looking like your own space.

Get into the official Mozilla extensions store to pick out some themes and customization tools for your browser. When it looks and feels like home, you are more comfortable browsing the web on it.

Ad Blockers

We have to say that Mozilla has done a great job of blocking ads on its own. However, there is only so much that the browser can do since it’s not a dedicated ad blocker.

Likewise, ad companies and threat actors are getting increasingly adept at escaping the ad blocking algorithms on these browsers. That is why you should install a standalone ad blocker to get them out of your way.

When you don’t have ads to worry about, your internet experience becomes better and smoother. You also don’t have to fear malvertising which, most times, doesn’t even require action on your part before it infects your computer.


Why would you need a VPN for Mozilla?

The company that made this browser is also responsible for the Tor browser. 

One of the standout features of the Tor browser is how it masks the IP addresses of users so that the exit node doesn’t know where the communication originates from. That functionality prevents everything from browser fingerprinting to deanonymization over the internet.

That is the same thing that a VPN download for use with the Mozilla browser also does for you.

As a bonus, you can also use the VPN to access geo-restricted content, get deals when shopping online while keeping your internet traffic encrypted.

Text Editor

If you write a lot of text over the web, you should have a text editor.

One of the best text editors bundled with a browser is in the Google Chrome browser – and even that one is not as intuitive as we would like. Getting a dedicated text editor (like Grammarly) to do the job is the way to go.

Whether you write a ton of emails, blog directly into your website’s backend, or write a lot on forums, you need something to check your grammar and spelling. That way, you can focus on your message while the AI is working for you in the background.

Password Managers

Already, most browsers have a password manager feature and we believe that it is quite decent. Even more than decent, if we say so. 

However, such password managers rely on the security framework of the browser and device. With a password management app, you can get more done with passwords.

Most of these extensions (and apps) will even help you to generate reliable passwords when opening new accounts online. You never have to worry about creating a weak password yourself anymore – and surely not worry about storing such passwords either.

Email Scanner

Phishing attacks are the most successful social engineering hack for a reason. They will continue to hold that position unless something is done about them. You can start by getting an email scanner to do a part of the job for you.

The good email scanners will check all your emails for malicious content before you open them. Whether links or attachments, the email scanner lets you know the health of such emails before you interact with them at all.

The best thing about reliable email scanners is that they also check the servers where the message originated. If it has been marked spam/ illegal in the past, you will instantly be notified.

Start Getting the Best of Mozilla Today

There is a lot more that your Mozilla Firefox browser can offer you, only if you seek it out.

When getting extra goodies for your browser, though, be careful to only patronize the official extensions store. Otherwise, you risk shipping malware onto your browser (and your device too) via an extension you install from third party sources.

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