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Opera GX Browser Review: Why You Should Try It


Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser that is a popular web browser similar to the Vivaldi browser. And the Opera GX is claimed to be the first gaming browser with some special features designed for game players. Here is a detailed review of Opera GX to help you walk through all its advantages and disadvantages, and explore why you should try this first gaming web browser. 

What's Special in the Opera GX Gaming Browser?

Similar to other popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and Firefox, that we have mentioned before, it's easy to download the Opera GX browser, and it owns all the basic functions to be a good Internet browser. For example, users also can customize the browser interface, change the themes, and customize the tab, enable dark mode, etc. And there are some unexpected features that other web browsers do not have, which fresh users' experiences, especially the game players'. 

Hot Tabs Killer and Free up Overload Resource

It's common that opening lots of tabs at the same time will slow or freeze the browser, even the PC. To solve such issues, Opera GX gaming browser introduces the Hot Tab Killer allows you to see exactly how much of your CPU and RAM is being used by each of your tabs, and you can close the ones that occupy higher CPU and RAM, to free up your computer space and improve its working speed.

opera GX hot tab killer

RAM, CPU & Bandwidth Limiter

There are more than one billion PC video gamers around the world, and the number continues to grow due to the effect of COVID-19. Opera GX is the only web browser designed for game players. To help gamers have smoothy playing experience, Opera GX browser adds RAM, CPU, and bandwidth limiter to its design, allowing users to set how much RAM, CPU, and network bandwidth the browser takes up so that users can continue to use Opera GX even if they are playing resource-intensive video games. And this feature also benefits lower-end systems and PCs. But what we should know that these limiters of Opera GX are to low the resource that the Opera GX occupies of your computer, which can't change the whole performance of your PC. 

opera gx ram limiter

Twitch Integration

Twitch Integration is another great feature the Opera GX owns. The built-in Twitch widget allows users to watch live feeds of their favorite channels and receive channel notifications even if they're not on the Twitch webpage, which is very convenient to see multiple streams without opening corresponding web pages. 

opera GX twitch integration

GX Corner

Except for the CPU and RAM limiter, tab killer, and Twitch integration, as a gaming browser, Opera GX also offers some value to common gamers. The GX corner is such one feature. In this corner, users can view and find free games and great deals, plus stay up-to-date with the newest releases and breaking gaming news. And if you want to try one game, Opera GX can show you the info you need quickly. 

opera gx corner

Video Pop Up

Watch Twitch and Youtube with Video pop-out. The video stays visible in a floating window over tabs as well as other applications.

Opera GX vs Other Web Browsers: Why You Should Try It

Since the Opera GX has released, there are various opinions on whether it's worth switching to use it. Here are the comparisons between Opera GX and other main web browsers on the market. The following comparisons show the main differences between them, not the detailed aspects. 

Opera GX vs Opera

Opera GX is just a subbrand under the Opera browser and it's also a Chromium Based Web Browser for Gamers. It allows you to use all the features that Opera provides, but Opera GX browser owns the features designed for video gaming, which is better than the Opera in the aspect of gaming. 

Opera GX vs Google Chrome

Google Chrome has the biggest share in the web browser market. The main difference between Opera GX and Google Chrome is that Opera GX offers a variety of helpful features to provide better user experience, while Google Chrome can't. Especially for the browsing speed that many of us care much. 

For example, with the Opera GX browser, you can change the color match to your setup without adding extra themes that may slow the browsing speed. Opera GX occupies less memory than that of Google Chrome. And Opera GX also has free VPN (Proxy) and built-in ad blockers, while in Google Chrome, you have to add extensions to meet such needs, which may slow your browser speed further. In simple terms, compared with Google Chrome, Opera GX is a nice choice if you are on a limited memory budget. It is faster and has good looking than Google Chrome.

Opera GX vs New Windows Edge

Similar to Google Chrome, the new MS Edge browser also gains popularity among the number of users and they have many similarities. But compared with Opera GX, the goal of the new MS edge is to meet common users' needs, and relatively pay less attention to gamers' requirements. So the features like CRM & CPU limiter, video pop up, GX corner game news are not added in the MS edge, which is what the main differences between MS edge and Opera GX.

Opera GX vs Vivaldi

Both Opera GX and Vivaldi are two smaller browsers relatively that are designed to meet some specific users' needs. The Vaviladli offers great flexibility for users to customize their own browsers as they like, which you can see in our Vivaldi Review 2020 blog. While Opera GX aims to offer users more convenience when they're playing video games. The network limiter, GX Control, and game style dark mode interface make the Opera GX gaming browser more suitable for game lovers. 

Final Thoughts

As what have described above, Opera GX is a user-friendly web browser, especially for the gamers and low-end devices. If you care much about the gaming performance of your PC, then Opera GX is a nice choice to try in terms of its unique gaming features and designs. And if you do not need such features, then just keep your present web browser is ok. 

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