Taskio: To-Do List and Task Manager

Taskio: To-Do List and Task Manager for Windows 10

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Size : 157.09 MB | Initial Release Date : 2019-07-24 | Works On : Windows 10 PC


Editors' Review for Taskio: To-Do List and Task Manager

Taskio is a new good task manager app that works on Windows 10, Android, IOS and Mac devices. It is simple, beautiful and powerful, with a set of great and professional features.

First, with Taskio, you can create your personalized to-do list. You can set the details like time, date, also, you can add tags to your tasks, then you can find them more quickly, what's more, you can add notes to your tasks, it helps you remember more details. Taskio also support location-based task, you set the location, when you get there, Taskio will remind you about what you should do. Taskio also supports sub-tasks and repeating tasks, if you plan to do the same thing every day, repeating tasks feature is great for you.

Then, Taskio has a great reminder. Based on the task settings, all for your needs.

Taskio support sync your data to cloud and back up these data. You can access these data through different clients, PC or mobile apps, also support web access.

Taskio is simple and beautiful, it has a great user interface experience. It has 10+ color themes (including Dark Mode).

Taskio is really a good choice for task management on Windows 10, and you can download this app free, however, the free version does not contain all the features we mentioned, some premium features cost money, but we think these features worth the money, highly recommend this great task manager app.

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Get reminded on your tasks with reminders that can be fined tuned to your needs.


Repeating tasks? No problem, we've got you covered.

Tags (lists) support

Tasks assigned to tags. Helps you find your way.


A list of subtasks which can be completed separately. Perfect for shopping lists!

Location based reminders

Get reminded on your tasks at specific location. Pick a location from map or enter street address.

10+ Color themes (including Dark mode)

Lot of color with Light and Dark background.

Seamless cloud sync

We'll backup your tasks at safe place. You can come back to them any time you want.


Add text notes to your tasks

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