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By ‪Silicon Benders LLC‬ Free
Size : 137.57 MB | Initial Release Date : 2013-12-21 | Last Updated : 2019-12-03 | Works On : Windows 11 PC,Hub

Editors' Review for Sketchable

It's a pretty good painting app. The advantages of it: up to 30 layers, different ways of selecting colors, toggling the Windows taskbar and Sketchable options, copying layers (and moving them to a different
document), changing too settings, and some different options (like the Magic Eraser and the color picker).

Screenshots of Sketchable

Sketchable screenshot Sketchable screenshot Sketchable screenshot Sketchable screenshot Sketchable screenshot Sketchable screenshot Sketchable screenshot Sketchable screenshot

Color Picker

make adjustments to hue, value, and saturation while navigating to your ideal color or simply use the dropper to select one.

Customize UI

Settings controls allow the user to manipulate the size and color of the UI.

Photoshop PSD Export

Move your mobile work into an industry standard desktop application.

Layers (Premium Feature)

Add, Place, Paste, Rearrange, transform, and merge layers. Now up to 32!

Stroke Preview (Premium Feature)

Make quick adjustments or delve into the numerous controls of each tool.

Masks (Premium Feature)

Select a shape and mark off a section of the canvas that cannot be edited.

Stencils (Premium Feature)

Snap to a selected shape for crisp lines and curves.

Paint Bucket (Premium Feature)

Quickly fill an area of your canvas

Transform (Premium Feature)

Position a layer with scale, position, rotation.

Symmetry (Premium Feature)

Choose between one or two axis and position them anywhere on the canvas.

Canvas Rotation

orient the canvas to accommodate the angle of your wrist movement.

Create Your Works

Create the highest resolution journals possible on your device with personalized names, covers, and sizes ranging common screen sizes, hard copy sizes, up to 4k on the x64

Clear & Convenient

GPU accelerated tools and canvas fuel smooth interactions.
Version : 5.0 (2019-12-03)
Sketchable 5.0 includes several new editing tools, chief among them is Selection.Now it is possible to add, remove, intersect, outside, and xor a complex polygon with real time feedback. This new implementation allows users to see the exact manipulation of the selection as they edit it, maintaining their creative workflow.

Version : (2013-12-20)

- Fixed Issue where users running the Anniversary Update could not create new journals.

- Fixed issue with sharing

- General maintenance and minor bug fixes

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