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Notion vs Evernote vs Onenote: Which One Is Better for Note-Taking?


Notion, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote are three popular note-taking apps in the market. They offer easy installation and convenient note-taking templates for students, teachers and business people to improve productivity in life and work. However, when it comes to choosing which note-taking app or software, many users may ask questions like "what is the best note taking app?", "is Evernote better than OneNote?", and "Notion vs Evernote vs OneNote, which one is better for note-taking?". Today this article will focus on the differences among Notion, Evernote and OneNote, which can be a reference when you choose note taking tools.

Notion vs Evernote vs OneNote: What's the Difference?

Supporting Platform

It's common to take notes on diverse occasions, which requires the note-taking app or tools should support various devices like mobiles, PCs, and tablets. On this point, these three note-taking apps are the same. The apps - Notion, Evernote and OneNote can work on a web browser, iOS, Andriod, macOS, and Windows, you can take notes everywhere at any time. Besides, it's worth noting that Evernote, OneNote, and Notion have stand-alone desktop apps for macOS and Windows that allow for offline edits as well. 

notion vs evernote vs onenote

Notes Taking Form

Notion uses the "block" form to taking notes. If you need to create new notes, just create a new block, these blocks can be text, audio, table, gallery, Kanban-style board, video, code, wikis and more, which offers great flexibility and possibilities to take notes. And you can drill down into pages from the sidebar again and again with no limits, which like creating catalogs in a paper, which is different from the other two note-taking apps.

notion taking note app

Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking app aiming to create organizing, and storing various media files. Like the other two note-taking apps, Evernote supports various notes form like text documents, images, videos, audio file and web pages. Besides, Evernote can scan physical papers or documents and store them in your cloud notes, which can help you save lots of writing time. One of the features of Evernote is that it stores all your notes in the cloud via your account and can sync them in different devices like mac, Andriod and Windows, which is very convenient and friendly to low-end devices.

evernote note-taking app

Microsoft OneNote is another fantastic, versatile note-taking tool. It allows the user to take notes in the form of text, audio, and image notes. You can create notes that rest in sections which are further stored inside notebooks. One of the special features of OneNote is that you can handwrite notes if you're using a tablet or touch screen device. Scan physical documents and save them is also support. And you can sync your notes to other Microsoft apps or devices via the Microsoft account, including iOS and Android devices.

microsoft onenote taking app

Free Note Taking Templates on Notion, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote

Note-taking templates can help us save lots of time and energy to focus on the content of notes rather than the notes form. Both the Notion, Evernote and OneNote taking apps offer different style note-taking templates for users.

Notion offers a wide range of note-taking templates for different usage. Especially there are many useful free, cute and editable note-taking templates for students. For example, students can use the Weekly Agenda template to make a plan for the whole studying plan; they can use the Reading List template to remember which books they plan to read; the Course Schedule template is helpful for organizing upcoming essays and assignments in a class. With these free note-taking templates, students can organize their work and enjoy an effective school life easily. 

notion note-taking templates

As for Evernote taking app, there are also lots of note-taking templates for users to choose. In the Evernote website, the note-taking templates are categorized into writing, to-do list, meeting notes, home and garden, management resources, travel, party planning, school, etc. Users can download, customize and endlessly reusable them for free with the way they want.

note-taking templates evernote

Microsoft OneNote also provides many note-taking templates for users to apply on Windows, Mac and Web, like the meeting, class, project, and event notes. You can download OneNote templates on the OneNote Gem website, where has a collection of 20+ free OneNote templates, from a "Things To Do List" to a Cornell Notes template to seven complete notebook templates.

note-taking templates onenote

Note-taking templates in Evernote has a very simple design and a little dull, but the Notion notes taking software has a totally different design. Special and vivid icons are used in the templates, like trees, leaves and flowers, which make the notes taking process more intuitive and interesting. Different from the Notion and Evernote, the OneNote templates have very bright colors and clear organized formats. And you can add resources like online links and pictures to your notes, which is useful to rich the contents of the notes.

Price Comparison

The price of one note-taking app also influences the user experience. Especially for students, a high-performance but cost-friendly can be very nice. Here is the price comparison among Notion, Evernote and OneNote for your reference when choosing a note-taking tool.

Notion note-taking software provides a free plan for unlimited members with 1000 note blocks and 5MB file uploads. And there are other three plans: personal ($4/month), team ($8/month) and enterprise (you need contact the sales directly). The basic note-taking features are the same of these four types of accounts such as multi-platform supports, block types and forms, note-taking templates design and database view.

Evernote offers three types of accounts: Basic, Premium ($7.99/month), and Business ($14.99/month). All of them have the services of taking great notes. The Premium and Business account has better performance for collaboration or team sharing. And you can have a limited free trial of these two types of accounts.

Different from the charged form of Notion and Evernote, Microsoft OneNote offers free note-taking services for users, but you need to buy store space as your storage is tied to your Microsoft OneDrive account. 100 GB is only $1.99/month, making the paid version highly affordable if that is all you need.

Notion vs Evernote vs OneNote: Which One to Choose?

From the comparison mentioned above, we can find that if you just need to make general person notes in life and work, the free plan of these three note-taking tools can meet most demands. But for the teamwork or enterprise needs, you should consider factors like collaboration features, supporting platform, convenience and cost.

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