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Notepads App

Notepads App

By ‪Jackie Liu‬ Free
Size : 32.29 MB | Initial Release Date : 2019-07-02 | Works On : Windows 11 PC,Hub

Editors' Review for Notepads App

Notepads App is a fast and simple text editor app for Windows 10. It's lightweight, not like other editors such as notepad++, sublime, VS Code, etc, it's just a simple text editor, it does most of the works we may meet daily which does not need that much special or professional functions.

However, this app is not just another notepad.exe, it's much more powerful and has many more functions. It has a fluent design with highly customizable UI, and it is able to launch from the command line or PowerShell by typing: "notepads". It also supports multi-line handwriting, it's quite good for Microsoft Surface pen users or users who have a touchscreen.

The other two important features are built-in markdown file preview viewer and built-in diff viewer. Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax, markdown files look much better than the old normal .txt file and it has become more and more popular, a simple text editor supports markdown file view is amazing. Also, the diff viewer is a very good feature, it helps you find what has changed, you will be aware of what you typed to make sure everything is right.

This app is free and open source. highly recommend this.

Screenshots of Notepads App

Notepads App screenshot Notepads App screenshot Notepads App screenshot Notepads App screenshot

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