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Download Notepads App for Windows 10

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About Notepads App

Notepads - A modern, stylish, open source text editor with minimum design.

- Fluent design with built-in Tab system.
- Blazingly fast and lightweight.
- Launch from command line or powershell by typing: "notepads"
- Multi-line handwriting support.
- Built-in Markdown file preview viewer.
- Built-in diff viewer (Preview your changes).
- Session snapshot and multi-instances.

What is Notepads and why do I care?

I have waited long enough for a modern windows 10 notepad app to come before I have to do it myself. Don’t get me wrong, Notepad++, VS Code and Sublime are good text editors. I have used most of them and I will continue use them in the future. However, they are either too heavy or looks old. I really need a win32 notepad.exe replacement that feels light and looks cool to help me get things done as quickly as possible and use it as a turnaround text editor to quickly modify config files or write some notes. Most importantly, it has to be blazingly fast and beautiful.

Notepads is still under active development. Please checkout latest info here:

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