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Size : 42.45 MB | Initial Release Date : 2016-07-18 | Works On : Windows 11/10/8.1/7,Mobile device,HoloLens,Hub

Editors' Review for Inkodo

If you are looking for a digital notebook, with good export abilities, then this does exactly that perfectly. Inkodo is a powerful multipurpose productivity tool that allows you to take notes, draw doodles and create multimedia presentations.

This app has a handwriting recognition feature which can export your inks strokes into raw text and you can copy, paste, duplicate, resize, change color for them. So it's convenient to take notes and enable you to limit the page to layout/print size you need and back up with OneDrive. If you download it, there are tons of feature waiting to be discovered.

Screenshots of Inkodo

Inkodo screenshot Inkodo screenshot Inkodo screenshot Inkodo screenshot Inkodo screenshot Inkodo screenshot

Multimedia objects

- Insert photos on the pages from your device, clipboard, camera, or web page. - Insert videos, audios records on the pages, from a file, camera or a web page. - Import PDF files and insert pages as images on the pages. - Import PDF files as a book. - Insert maps as an image on the pages. - Extract text from images (OCR).

Go further with your inks

- Handwriting recognition : your inks strokes can be exported into raw text. * - Ink shape recognition: convert your ink strokes into geometric shapes. * - Ink to text: convert the selected ink strokes into editable text. - Manipulate the selected ink strokes: copy, paste, duplicate, resize, change color.

Interact with Windows 10

- Create toast notifications: reminders, alarms linked to your saved pages. - Pin your saved pages to start screen. - Record your thoughts and draw at the same time.

Productivity at its finest

- View, sort, organize books and pages. - Group your books. - Add subjects to your pages. - Copy, duplicates pages. - Open a book and work on the current book. - Keep working on the last opened page. - Print pages, books or a collection of books. - Save a copy of your ink strokes and objects in a container. - Search for your handwritten notes.

Show your work

- Save your creation to PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF. - Share your masterpiece to Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail, OneDrive... it depends on what apps you have installed. - Presentation mode: slideshow with automatic playing.

Linked to your Onedrive account

- Make an online album. - Sync your pages and books.

Pro features

- Import a custom page template. - Import a custom book cover. - Save ink strokes and objects in the container. - Save colors from the color picker. - Save modified ink strokes. - Export handwritten notes in SVG format.

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