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“Clipto Pro” : A Clipboard Notes App with a Focus on Speed and Productivity


Clipto Pro, a free full-platform clipboard synchronization software, which can also be used as a simple note-taking software. Clipto Pro Sync

Full platform clipboard synchronization

Open the software, like a note-taking software. The left side is the tab bar, the middle is the copied content, and the right side can edit notes.

First, open the settings and turn on all these functions for multi-terminal synchronization. Clipto Pro Setting
Next, users copy anything, it will be kept as a note record in the software. Clipto Notes from Clipboard
At present, as long as you log in to the same account, copying can be synchronized on multiple terminals or choosing to not synchronize on certain end, only need to modify the synchronization and universal clipboard functions in the settings.

Category Clipboard

There will be common texts in the copied information, such as courier messages, mail common words, discourse, and so on. Then, we can also add tags for each copy, and all the added tags will be displayed on the left.

The adding method is very simple. Click the note to enter the editing mode, and write the label name directly on the bottom right side. In addition, users can also click the asterisk to collect the note. Clipto add tag to notes

For finding any notes, there are three ways:

  • Click on the tabs on the left to view them by the tab.
  • Click the triangle symbol next to all to search directly or view by tags.
  • Users can also click the three horizontal bars to sort and view them in different ways, including such as most recently used, creation date, number of uses, title, text, and label, etc multiple dimensions.

Clipto search and view notes
The most surprising thing is that the user can also expose all the content of a certain tag. This way, when users need to share content, they can send the link to others. Clipto share a tag content

Abridged Version Cloud Notes

After the previous introduction, it can be easily found that if we turn off the automatic detection clipboard, that's a lite version of 'Bear'. This is why it calls each copy 'note'. After entering edit mode, users can add a title to the copied content and supplement any text content they want to write with Markdown. Clipto add a specific title to note

After editing, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, which can be displayed in multiple formats, including ordinary text, highlighted links, display as QR code, Markdown text, H5. Clipto save notes to different formats

In addition, the Android version can also modify the font style, share it to SMS and Twitter, search the Internet, and export to a file, which is simply the Android version of Drafts.

Currently, there are 5 online versions: Web, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux; and iOS is under development. It is expected to be online in February next year. However, due to the existence of the web terminal, users can actually log in on Safari directly, but the effect may be not well. Additionally, features such as syncing with other applications and modifying font styles are expected to be available by the end of this year. It is worth noting that although the software name is 'Pro', it is completely free.

In the end, although this free software is good, there are actually some scenes that are not covered. For example, enriching the shared scene, adding the function of exporting pictures, or sharing the link of each note, this will make better use of it as a simple note-taking software. What other functional expectations do you have for it, or better usage scenarios, we can also share together.

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