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How to Use AirDroid on Windows PC and Android Phone?


There is always sometime we need to transfer files or photos from PC to Android or iPhone. AirDroid is a great productivity app that provides a simple and easy way to help you transfer pictures or files from phone to PC, or reverse. And AirDroid also enables you to control your Android phone via PC remotely. This guide will walk you through a complete tutorial on:

● How to use AirDroid on Android Phone

● How to use AirDroid on PC

● How to Control Your Android Phone from PC

How to Use AirDroid on Windows PC?

Web-version of AirDroid is the one used commonly in daily work. With the Web AirDroid, transferring files is really an easy thing. Here is the tutorial:

1. Sign in to the, and the tips will show you to download the AirDroid app on the Android phone. After finishing the installation on your phone, sign in the app with your account, and the web AirDroid interface will be like this:

Airdroid app

Please note that the toolbox can be moved freely in the above interface. There is one ad shown in the panel if your account is a basic one, but you can upgrade your account to premium one to remove the ads. 

In the web panel of AirDroid, you can control your phone on the PC, such as transfer photos, videos, files, send messages, and mirror your phone to the PC. 

2. Transfer photos to PC from Android with AirDroid.

Click the Photos and pop-ups that will show all your photos on the phone. Here you have several choices with the photos:

● Download: Click the one you need to transfer to the PC, then click the Download option, and the photos will be transferred to your PC from the Android phone.

● Delete: Select the photos, click the delete icon, and the photos in your Android phone will be removed.

● Upload file: you can upload pictures and files to the Android phone form the PC. 

● Upload folder: you can upload the folders to the phone from the PC. 

transfer picture to PC from Android phone

3. Transfer files to PC from Android phones.

Similar to the photo transformation above, you can delete, download, upload files on the PC with your phone. Besides, the AirDroid also allows you to create new folders, rename, cut, and add the folders to favorite in the phone with your PC.

transfer files from android phone to PC

4. Mirroring your Android Phone Screen to PC with AirDroid.

Click the Mirroring icon and cast your phone screen to the PC. On the PC, you can screenshot the Android screen easily. 

Mirroring android phone to PC

How to Use AirDroid App on Android Phone?

This part shows the complete guide on how to use AirDroid on your Android phone:

1. Download the AirDroid app to your phone. Create a free account and log in to it.

2. In the phone app, you can add/remove devices like phones or tablets to your account.

3. To ensure the file transfer or remote control work normal, you need to enable the corresponding functions on the phone. Click Me > Security & Remote Features, and you will see the options such as Files, Camera, Remote Control, Messages, etc. Enabling the one you want to use is ok. 

use airdroid app on android

4. In the Tools option of the button, there are several icons. 

Files: all types of files in the Android phone can be seen here, and you can share them with the computer or to your friends.

Other options: there are official tutorials show you how to use the corresponding functions.

use airdroid app on android device

How to Remote Control Your Android Phone From the PC with Airdroid?

There are two ways you can control your phone from the PC with the AirDroid app.

Methods one: Use AirDroid Web Client.

1. Install AirDroid app to your Android phone, log in with your account, and enable the remote

2. Open the and log in with the same account.

3. Click the Control icon to enable the connection. Please note that you should complete the Non-Root Setup in this step. 

Methods two: Use AirDroid desktop client.

1. Download the desktop version of AirDroid, and then log in to it with the same account on your Android phone.

2. Open AirDroid desktop client, click on the Binoculars icon on the left menu bar.

3. Choose your device and click the Remote Control to establish a connection.

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