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Best Games for Windows 11

Find best game apps for Windows 11 from Microsoft store. Here editors pick best games on Microsoft store for you. You can find new rising good games, and also games on sale. All games on the list work on Windows 11 and Xbox.

Rebel Racing screenshot

Rebel Racing


Rebel Racing is a free drift racing game that allows you to get behind the wheel of dozens of real racing cars and enjoy the ultimate speed and driving experience. Free to download and play this Rebel Racing on Windows 10.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 screenshot

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


Microsoft Flight Simulator is a very popular Windows 10 game and this is the Premium Deluxe version that released on August 18, 2020. Download this Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to enjoy the joy of flight in the next generation with the unique flight models.

Minecraft Starter Collection screenshot

Minecraft Starter Collection


Minecraft for Windows 10 Starter Collection is a multiplayer game that allows you to create anything you can imagine, and explore randomly generated worlds. This popular Win 10 game is available for multiple platforms like Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and so on.

Russian Car Simulator screenshot

Russian Car Simulator


Russian Car Simulator is a free street racing car games on Windows 10 PC. You can join the top street racing camp, drive a top-class sports car and enjoy the ultimate and realistic 3D car driving experience.

Lambo Car Simulator screenshot

Lambo Car Simulator


Lambo Drift Simulator app is a free 3D realistic car racing game that makes you enjoy the ultimate drift car racing experience with lamborghini huracan. Free to download for Windows 10 PC now.

Simple Word Search screenshot

Simple Word Search


Simple Word Search is a popular Win 10 puzzle game that allows you to finish the word puzzles and earn stars and special alphabet characters. It's free and suitable for both kids and adults.

Block Puzzle Jewels screenshot

Block Puzzle Jewels


Block Puzzle Jewels is a free and popular Windows 10 PC puzzle game. You can drag and drop the Jewel Blocks into the grid area to make them full the vertical and horizontal lines, then destroy them till there is no space for any Gem Block in.

Bingo Master: Free Puzzle Games screenshot

Bingo Master: Free Puzzle Games


Bingo Master is a very popualr bingo games in Microsoft Store. You can play this free puzzle game with friends and player around the world, enjoying immersive bingo tour experience. Free to download now.® screenshot®

Free is an interesting multiplayer video game in which players control an avatar resembling a worm, Players control an avatar resembling a worm, and the avater will consume multicolored pellets, both from other players and ones that naturally spawn on the map in the game to grow in size.

Classic Wood Block Puzzle screenshot

Classic Wood Block Puzzle


Classic Wood Block Puzzle is a popular mind game with building blocks. It's the best brain games for both children and adults. Free download for Windows 10 PC, HoloLen, mobile devices and hub.

Microsoft Sudoku screenshot

Microsoft Sudoku


New Microsoft Sudoku now on Windows app store, bringing the classic logic puzzle game game you love to a whole new light! New levels of difficulty, New ways to play , New items and colorful shapes, get more fun.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park screenshot

Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park


Disney Magic Kingdoms is a popular Microsoft PC game for Windows 10. It allows users to see many Disney charactors and create their own Disney Park in this game and embrace the inner child. Free download this free Window PC game now.

100 Doors Game - Escape from School screenshot

100 Doors Game - Escape from School


The 100 Doors Game - escape from shcool game is a very popuar video game in Microsoft Store. You need to help a girl who trapped in the school escape from the school, during which is full of challenging and very interesting. Only the smartest people can get through all the game levels. Free download for Windows 10 and play it to challenge yourself now!

Farm Simulator 2020 screenshot

Farm Simulator 2020


Farm Simulator 2020 is a popuplar farming game that allows you to step into the exciting world of farming and to be a real farmer to harvest the corps you have planted. It's available on Windows 10 PC, HoloLens, Android and Hub.

Nova Empire: Guardian Star Wars screenshot

Nova Empire: Guardian Star Wars


Nova Empire is a large-scale sci-fi strategy game that needs players to take adventures in the universe and conquer the galaxy with powerful fleet, very exciting and interesting.

Jewels of the Wild West: Match gems & restore the town screenshot

Jewels of the Wild West: Match gems & restore the town


Jewels of the Wild West: Match gems & restore the town is a popular G5 match-3 game. It requires players to play thousands of match-3 levels, and use the gained gems to restore the beautiful town in a faraway corner of the Old West. Download the free PC game and enjoy the exciting travel in the Wild West now.

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