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By Voidtools Free
Size : 698 KB | Initial Release Date : 2008-09-29 | Last Updated : 2019-02-17 | Works On : Windows 11/10/8.1/7

Editors' Review for Everything

Everything is capable of automatically indexing any drives and folders you specify, showing search results in real time. You can indicate exclusions, match cases, paths, enable regular expressions, archives, pictures and movies and so on.

Search results can be sorted by a wide range of criteria. Moreover, you can create and organize bookmarks, save the file list to file to resume it later, or export the search results to CSV or TXT files.

There's also a portable edition available called Portable Everything, in case you want to directly run the tool from a pen drive.

Screenshots of Everything

Everything screenshot Everything screenshot Everything screenshot

Type the partial file or folder name into the search edit, the results will appear instantly.

Version : (2019-02-17)
fixed an issue with really long filenames
fixed an issue when adding or removing an "include only" exclude.
fixed an issue with missing changes to excluded files.

Version : (2019-01-25)
fixed a crash when gathering NTFS file information
fixed an issue with updating folder information

Version : (2019-01-10)
fixed a crash with ntdll.dll
fixed a crash when renaming a folder with excluded subfolders
fixed an issue with calculating folder children counts when using folder excludes

Version : (2018-12-14)
improved thread yielding
fixed an issue with Everything detecting renamed files.
fixed an issue when restarting Everything would restart as administrator.
fixed an icon overlay display issue.
fixed an issue with detecting renamed files on ReFS volumes.
fixed an issue with deleting or renaming ReFS folders.

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