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By Quizo Free
Size : 3.39 MB | Initial Release Date : 2007-12-04 | Works On : Windows 11/10/8.1/7

Editors' Review for QTTabBar

QTTabBar is an application designed to increase the size of the standard toolbar provided within Windows Explorer. There are tons of settings available under Options to personalize the behavior of the plugin. It also offers a number of keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch close, clone, switch tab, and more.

QTTabBar can personalize the appearance the tab size (width and height), tab title text font, text color, toolbar background color, and toolbar background with a few mouse clicks.

Tab Bar realizes ... the tabbed browsing of folders. Command Bars offer various command buttons including ones added by Plug-Ins. Extra Views show extra folder view in a folder window.

Once you enable them, QTTabBar installs some kind of hooks into the folder window and change the behavior of the Explorer to suit the need of advanced users.

For example, a new tab will be opened by middle-clicking on a folder icon. Preview tooltip is displayed when you point image, text, and movie file by mouse cursor. Do you want to mark an important file? Change the color of the name of it. When you move mouse cursor over folder icons, you'll see a square with blue arrow. Click and access to contents of the folder instantly!

Screenshots of QTTabBar

QTTabBar screenshot QTTabBar screenshot

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