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How to Solve the Font Rendering Issues on Windows 10 v1909


Windows 10 font rendering has always been the criticized point by many users due to its poor display on the screen. Recently, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 November 2019 Update (1909 version), but its font rendering and display result still not satisfying, especially when zooming below 150%. Only when the zoom is beyond 150%, the font rendering will be improved greatly. 

Because the built-in gasp table of Microsoft Yahei enables different font rendering style definitions for different Windows font sizes. In the latest Windows 10 v1909 version, the rendering threshold is 21px, which means that the smoothing rendering is enabled for text above 21px. But the point is, when the text is 21px, the corresponding zoom is 130% coincidentally. This means a 125% zoom may case font rendering issues on Windows 10 v1909. Here are two ways to hack the problems. 

windows 10 1909 font rendering.jpg

Note: All the following operations should be performed on the latest version of Windows 10 v1909. You may get different unknown effects if you operate on the earlier Windows 10 versions.

Method 1: Use MacType to Improve the Windows 10 Font Rendering

Many Windows 10 users who try to solve the poor font rendering may be familiar with the MacType. MacType is a free and powerful program designed to offer Mac-like smooth fonts for Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. The latest version of MacType now fully supports Windows 10 without any patching needs. It's valid for all fonts by default, and Win 10 users can customize the fonts with it, like font hot replacement, shadow adjustment, fine-tuning strokes, etc. Please follow the steps to use MacType on your Windows 10 v1909. 

install mactype for windows 10 1909.png

Step 1: Download the MacType installer on the site - Then click the installer file to start the MacType installation. Finish the installation by clicking the Next bottom.

Step 2: After the installation, run the MacType and you will see the MacType Wizard window as below.

Step 3: Choose the Load with MacType, then click the Run as Administrator, and the mode will be chosen as Standalone Loading automatically. 

set mactype on windows 10 1909.png

Step 4: Click the Next button. Choose the MacType default font smoothing profile labeled in Chinese and click the Finish button. Then click ok to finish the whole installation. 

The font profile determines the components involved in the Windows font smoothing procedure. But you also can customize a new font profile or editing the existing font via the MacType panel. Here are some tips when using MacType Wizard for the first time.

  • Select a profile and observe the font rendering in Explorer.exe (Explorer) and in Word / Edge Beta;
  • Rerun the MacType Wizard. If you are satisfied with the effect, change the loading mode to "Registry Load" or "Service Load" for better user experience; if you are not satisfied, close all applications and change the configuration file to observe the rendering effect again.

Method 2: Replace the Existing Windows 10 Fonts Hinting

Another way to improve the display effect of font rendering on Windows 10 v1909 is to replace the hinting of Microsoft Yahei, Segoe UI, Arial, and Songti fonts in the system to get better rendering results. Here are the steps.

Note: the toolkit is only used on this site, you can download it here. For the font replacement tool during this progress, here are : Gasphack, UniteTTC, font replacement tool

  1. Unzip the toolkit file and set up the installation environment according to the instruction.txt file.
  2. Start Powershell and change directory as toolkit directory.
  3. Execute cd simsun,. \ GaspHack_v2.bat and cd.
  4. Execute cd general and. \ GaspHack_v2.bat
  5. Double-click back.bat under the backup directory;
  6. If everything goes well, there will be several fonts under the backup folder, including simsun.ttc, msyh.ttc, segoeui.ttf, etc .; and there are corresponding fonts under general folder\ workingDir \ output and simsun folder\ workingDir\ output.
  7. Quit other unrelated software, especially anti-virus software and other security tools as much as possible, run the "Font Replacement Tool", drag the files under general \ workingDir \ output and simsun \ workingDir \ output, and click "Start Task".
  8. Restart your computer, open settings and search for "ClearType", select "Adjust ClearType Text" and follow the prompts.
  9. Log out of the user and log back in, the font replacement will be done.

Which Medthod Is Better for Your Windows 10 Fonts Display

The two methods mentioned above can help you improve the font display on windows 10 v1909. The MacType program is simple to help you realize Mac-like fonts on Windows 10, and the font replacement method provides better compatibility and operability. But applying the MacType program is safer than the font replacement in original Windows systems. There are also many third-party software or programs that can help Windows 10 users to edit the font size and type as they need. For example, noMeiryoUI is a Windows system font setting tool on Windows 8.1/10. You also can try to use it on Windows 10 font rendering if you need it. 

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