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By ‪Xade Software AB‬ $79.99
Size : 9.76 MB | Initial Release Date : 2019-02-12 | Last Updated : 2019-05-23 | Works On : Windows 11/10/8.1/7

Editors' Review for Leonardo

Leonardo is still in beta. It starts in less than half a second and runs smoothly to paint with a large brush in really high resolution. Also, you can export to PSD with layers in which keeps layer information like name, blend mode, opacity and clipping masks. The feature is available that cut-copy-paste to other apps or between different Leonardo documents.

It supports pen pressure, multi-touch and the easy-to-use interface that will scale to any screen. It has a powerful brush engine that allows you to create beautiful brush strokes with minimum latency.

Screenshots of Leonardo

Leonardo screenshot Leonardo screenshot Leonardo screenshot Leonardo screenshot

A well designed user interface that scales to any screen

An infinite canvas that works amazing for brainstorming

Great line modes that makes it easy to draw in perspective

Great brushes that let you sketch, ink and paint

Layers to help you stay organized

Version : 0.16.51 (2019-05-23)
- Added symmetry to line panel
- Added variable angle to isometric mode
- Added "hold for line" to perspective mode
- Added "show cursor for pen" to view panel
- Improved "calculating pixels" performance

Version : 0.16.38 (2019-03-19)
- Fixed "line feed and quote in layer name" bug
- Fixed "gradient in non 100% layer opacity" bug
- Fixed a rare hang bug caused by Windows defende

Version : 0.16.26 (2019-03-12)
- Added Paint bucket tool
- Added Magic wand tool
- Added new selection panel
- Added printing to export bar
- Added undo to right/side button
- Added global firmness slider to Pen Pressure panel
- Added roundness and angle sliders to round brush
- Added support for Unicode filenames (Chinese, Japanese, Russian etc)
- Optimized memory consumption
- Made executable 20% smaller
- Cut startup time in half
- Fixed "faint rectangles in background bug"

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