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Files UWP - Preview

Files UWP - Preview

By ‪Yair A‬ Free
Size : 50.6 MB | Initial Release Date : 2019-07-16 | Works On : Windows 11 PC,HoloLens,Hub

Editors' Review for Files UWP - Preview

Files UWP is a Windows file explorer designed for Windows 10, if you are looking for an alternative to Windows built-in file explorer, you can try this open source app. It's free,new and has some great features.

Fluent Design
The app was fluent designed,responsive, the interface is simple and clear, very easy to use.

Multiple Tabs
Files uwp supports tabs, just like the web browser,you can click to open a new tab for new sources. you can switch between them to finish your work. It's quite a good feature, which the built-in Windows file explorer does not have.

Integration Support
QuickLook integration is now available.

Open in Terminal
Files uwp let you be able to open a path in Windows Terminal. When you enter a directory, you can open current path in Windows terminal if you have installed it, it's very convenient.

Files uwp also has other features same as the Windows 10 built-in file explorer has, such as different layouts,themes, file properties, etc, and the Files UWP app works more efficiently.

Also, File uwp is an open source project and driven by the community, and contributors are still working to add more features to it. It's free ,reliable and promising. so if you are looking for an alternative to Windows built-in files explorer, this is your best choice.

Screenshots of Files UWP - Preview

Files UWP - Preview screenshot

Video: Files UWP Review: the fluently designed File Explorer your are looking for