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Best Apps for Windows 11

Find best apps for Windows 11 here. Editor's choice means high quality and more popular. New apps list helps you find new released & latest updated apps on Microsoft store. UWP apps have their advantages,such as clean install and uninstall,much safer,less CPU costs, etc. There are a lot of good UWP apps for Windows 11 on Microsoft store, we pick them out, we write reviews, and set tags to them. We do this for helping Windows users find the best apps.

Free eBooks For Kindle Reader screenshot

Free eBooks For Kindle Reader


The Free eBooks For Kindle Reader offers thousands of free ebooks from Google Play Books and other sites around the world for users. The book lists are updated every hour. Download for Windows 10 now.

Old Movies Free screenshot

Old Movies Free


You can enjoy free full old movies from the classical Hollywood cinema era (from the 1910s to the 2000s) with this Old Movies app. Free download for Windows 10 PC, mobiles devices and Xbox One.

Kanban Board on Desktop screenshot

Kanban Board on Desktop


Kanban Board is a productivity app to help you fulfill a list of project tasks. It works by mapping individual work tasks to sticky notes that you can edit, revise, or delete, helping you manage your work in a visual and easy way.

PDiff Express screenshot

PDiff Express


PDiff Express is a PDF comparison app that helps you to compare two PDF files for differences and similarities in a fast and easy way. Free download for Windows 10 PC now.

HEIC Image Convert screenshot

HEIC Image Convert


HEIC Image Convert allows you to convert HEIC photos to JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF in a fast way. Locally convert without connecting to the Internet. This HEIC converter is available on Windows 10, Mobile devices, and HoloLens.

REC Screen Recorder screenshot

REC Screen Recorder


REC Screen Recorder is a great screen recording app that supports 4K, 8K, and high-quality screen recording. And it allows for the full-screen records, part of the screen, and external video devices. This app is available for Windows 10, mobile devices and HoloLens.

Mirror to ChromeCast screenshot

Mirror to ChromeCast


This mirror screen app helps you to cast your PC screen on your Chromecast TV with full resolution and quality. It supports videos, docs, and games mirroring.

znote screenshot



znote app is a free and markdown note editor designed for developers. It has integrated Dark mode and syntax highlighting of code, which is very friendly for users. This note app is available on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux PC.

Screen Mirror 2 ChromeCast screenshot

Screen Mirror 2 ChromeCast


The Screen Mirror 2 Chromecast app helps you to share the Windows PC with your Chromecast quickly and easily. It's available for Windows 10 PC, mobile devices, and HoloLens.

PointMe App screenshot

PointMe App


PointMe app is a video-enhanced and helpful remote assistance service. It offers users professional "how to" tutorials of various online services or apps via PC or mobile phones. It's a great app to help users learn and accept the changing Internet and make it serve people better.

Screen Mirror To SmartTV screenshot

Screen Mirror To SmartTV


This screen mirroring app allows you to cast or share your Windows 10 PC to your smart TV with only one click.

Screen Mirror To LG WebOS screenshot

Screen Mirror To LG WebOS


Screen Mirror To LG WebOS app allows you to share your Windows 10 PC to your LG TV with just one click. Easy and simple.

Screen Mirror To Samsung screenshot

Screen Mirror To Samsung


Screen Mirror To Samsung TV app allows you to cast Windows 10 PC Screen to Samsung TV. And this app is also available on Hololens, mobile device and hubs.

Screen Mirror To Roku SmartTV screenshot

Screen Mirror To Roku SmartTV


The Screen Mirror To Roku SmartTV allows you to mirror your Windows 10 PC screen to your ROKU smart TV with one click. And it also supports HoloLens, Windows phone, and hubs to cast screen.

Screen recorder + screenshot

Screen recorder +


Screen recorder + is an easy-to-use screen recording tool designed for Windows 10. It allows you to record computer desktop operations, entertainment games, online courses, and other screen activities with audio and video.

Windows File Recovery screenshot

Windows File Recovery


Windows File Recovery is a small tool for recover files , for those files accidentally deleted or wiped. Works on Windows 10 2004 and above.

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