ActionLogger for Windows 10

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Size : 48 KB | Initial Release Date : 2020-01-23 | Works On : Windows 10 PC,Mobile device,HoloLens,Hub


Editors' Review for ActionLogger

As its name shows, ActionLogger is an app free and simple to use for tracking your life and self-goal management. Like the Youtube vlogger who making videos to record their life and thoughts, with this ActionLogger, you can record what you do and what you need to do every day.

The ActionLogger has a very simple interface and ads-free, which won't distract you when you open it. When you have a new thought, you can record it immediately; when you need to record time, number and data, you can record it on the app; you can record the miles you have done every day if you loving running. Besides, the ActionLogger can be the habit tracker that helps you develop good habits.

What's more, this free app is lightweight and friendly for your PCs. You can download and install it on Windows, Android Chrome, and iOS Safari, etc.

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