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Windows 10 vs Mac OS High Sierra: Why Microsoft Is Winning


Windows 10 vs Mac OS High Sierra: Why Microsoft Is Winning

Both Windows and Apple computers have come a long way and are still advancing innovatively. The Microsoft vs Apple rivalry is not new and has been in the limelight since the mid-80s. The good thing is that both the operating systems are going strong with features unique to each of them.

In this article, we will review Windows 10 vs Mac OS High Sierra to help you make the right decision.

The Interface

The design and user interface of macOS High Sierra are similar to its predecessor operating system versions. When it comes to Windows 10, the OS version comes with an all-new design that looks fresh and dynamic. The user interface of these two operating systems has advanced a lot in the past few years.

Although launching apps, checking notifications, and switching between virtual desktops looks more appealing in macOS High Sierra, Windows 10 is more functional and utilitarian. macOS looks decent, but Windows is easy to look at.

Windows 10 Settings pane is much more attractive than the old Control Panel. Windows allows users to snap applications to the side of the screen, which is better than macOS High Sierra and other versions. So, it can be said that Windows 10 is better than macOS High Sierra.

Apps and Features

Windows 10 vs Mac OS

Windows integrated apps are fully responsive; there’s no doubt they work best even with minimal resources. On the other hand, apps available for macOS High Sierra display compatibility issues, and users experience repeated technical glitches. The good thing is that you can run Windows apps on your Apple computer via boot camp assistant Mac.

Although apps work seamlessly on Windows 10, given that you have sufficient storage, ample RAM, and enough processing power available. If something goes wrong, simple troubleshooting can fix the persisting errors in no time.

On macOS High Sierra, users notice consistent failure to run apps such as Pages, Keynotes, and Numbers. Sudden crashes can be seen in high-end apps like GarageBand, iMovie, or Photos. Although Apple releases regular updates to fix technical glitches, these apps are prone to errors when run on High Sierra.

Devices and Compatibility

Microsoft’s attempt to make Windows universal to run over desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones is a decision that turns out to be rough for the operating system. However, that has also proved to be a bonus for the latest versions of Windows as the OS is widely available for a large variety of hardware.

You can explore the features of Windows 10 on laptops as well as tablets using a stylus. macOS High Sierra, on the other hand, is limited to Apple computers since the iPhone runs on iOS and the iPad works on iPadOS. So, macOS is proprietary to Apple desktops and MacBooks.

In terms of compatibility, Windows wins the race as you will easily find thousands of apps that work seamlessly on the widely used operating system. When it comes to macOS, the options shrink, and with High Sierra, it boils down to tens of apps that work efficiently on the respective macOS version without displaying any error.

AI Assistant

Windows 10 vs Mac OS

Artificial Intelligence is the future of computing, and it’s the technology that’s becoming accurate and efficient. We are using these assistants to make our work easier without moving from the couch. Cortana, Microsoft’s Personal Assistant that you can use on Windows 10, is highly responsive.

On the other hand, Siri, your personal assistant on Mac computers, is powerful enough to process your commands and turn them into output. The personal assistant in Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra are incredible, but they need more work in the right direction.

Both assistants are helping their user base in setting up reminders, answering general questions, finding specific files, searching the web, and so on with faster retrieval times. The protocol that these assistants use for interacting with the computer is quite identical. They are faster in understanding human speech and interpreting it.

The Verdict

The Windows 10 vs Mac OS High Sierra is a never-ending debate, and there’s a lot to write on both operating systems. Both OS are competing at a very impressive level; picking up one among the two is daunting. One offers precious, whereas the other offers to function. One is performance centric while another one is highly compatible.

However, as far as user experience and sustainability are concerned, Microsoft is offering features that are helping millennials in shaping the contours of the future. Plus, Windows devices and the apps available for them are highly affordable, and that matters a lot in the end. macOS offers features par excellence, but users have to pay a hefty price to use them.

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