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Download Net Nanny for Windows 11

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About Net Nanny

Parental Controls

Get peace of mind with the best parental control software available for families. Net Nanny’s parental control software offers visibility into your children’s online activity to help you understand their digital habits and keep them protected while they’re using the Internet. Net Nanny® helps parents manage their family’s digital habits with the security of knowing their children are protected online.

Screen Time Management

Many kids access the Internet daily and usually multiple times a day. With Net Nanny®, you can control when they are able to access the Internet on their devices, set the total number of hours in a day or set specific times each day when your child can be online.

Website Blocker

Thousands of new websites are created every day and it can be overwhelming to keep track of which ones are safe for your family to access. With Net Nanny’s powerful website blocker, you can tailor your child’s profile settings to allow, alert or block certain websites from being accessed.

Block Apps

With Net Nanny®, parents can block apps on their child’s phone and have visibility to the apps they use. By using Net Nanny®, you can not only see which apps your child is using, but can also learn more about the apps in the Net Nanny® App Advisor.

Track Location

Net Nanny® helps to protect your child by letting you instantly see where they are and whether they’re safe. By tracking your child’s location, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are informed of their location in real-time.

Internet Filter

Be in control of your family’s Internet with Net Nanny’s top-rated Internet filter. With our parental control software, you can set content filtering for 14 different categories to either Block, Alert or Allow for viewing. Parents are able to customize these various levels of filters to tailor each individual child or user profile. 

Block Pornography

Many children innocently stumble upon pornographic content during their online activity, with access easily available in a few clicks of a computer mouse. Porn exposure has never been easier – in fact, 85% of adolescent males and 50% of adolescent females have been exposed to pornographic material.

Alerts and Reporting

Parents often have difficulty seeing their child’s online activity, but with Net Nanny®, you can receive alerts in the Family Feed for each child profile on your account. 

Family Feed

The Family Feed is an overview of your kids’ online activity that can be viewed at a glance wherever you go. You can access the Family Feed on your desktop or laptop with the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard or on-the-go via the Net Nanny® Parent App on your iOS or Android device.

Parent Dashboard

Access the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard from any device with a web browser and Internet Access. With the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard, you can view the Net Nanny® Family Feed see what your family is doing online and update their profile settings as needed.

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