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Norton Family

Norton Family

By Symantec In-App Purchase
Size : 1.1 MB | Works On : Windows 11/10/8.1/7,Mobile device

Editors' Review for Norton Family

Norton Family is free for 6 months.

Norton Family is a powerful parental control application that helps parents apply web search content filters, monitor the social networking activity, accessed videos and launched applications. It can also prevent children from oversharing private information on the Internet, such as social security and phone numbers, email addresses, or any other data.

Norton Family will inform you which sites your kids are visiting, and let you block harmful or inappropriate sites. The software also provides insights into the search terms and videos that interest your kids and flags unsafe behavior so you can discuss it with them.

The restrictions parents can apply vary. Web supervision allows them to either block access to websites with specific content or addressing a certain topic (violence, weapons, gambling, etc.), or just give a warning to the children but allow access anyway.

Balance time your kids spent online by scheduling screen time limits for their devices usage. When the time is up, the device can automatically be blocked, but the alternative is to show trust to the children and have Norton Family just send a notification to you.

The application will create detailed reports on what your kids are doing online. It will list apps your kids have downloaded and the YouTube videos your kids watch on their PCs or mobile devices, so you can choose which app they can use.

Norton Family can be deployed on multiple computers using a single Norton account, which allows parents to monitor all supervised devices from a single place, namely a web-based dashboard. Norton Family is oriented towards trust and open communication, rather than just rules and obedience.

Screenshots of Norton Family

Norton Family screenshot

Web Supervision

Time Supervision

Search Supervision

Parent Mobile App

Personal Information Protection

Video Supervision

Mobile App Supervision

Monthly/Weekly Reports

Parent Portal

Instant Lock

Email Alerts

Access Request

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