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Download Microsoft Editor for Microsoft Edge

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About Microsoft Editor

Become a better writer across the web with Microsoft Editor(1), your intelligent writing assistant. Microsoft Editor(1) moves with you across sites, so you can confidently write clear, concise posts online. With this browser extension, you receive: 

Intelligent writing assistance – nail the basics of spelling, grammar, and punctuation for free. Receive advanced grammar and stylistic feedback on clarity, conciseness, formality, vocabulary, and much more with premium(2). 

Assistance anywhere you write – Receive feedback on sites like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, and many more of your favorites with this browser extension. If you want Editor's assistance beyond the web, open Word and look for the Editor icon to see how Editor can help across documents, email, and the rest of the web. 

Feedback in multiple languages – receive basic feedback in 20+ languages (and spellchecking specifically in over 80) to communicate clearly, no matter what language in which you're writing. 

(1) Available for Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers and requires a Microsoft Account. Editor connects to a Microsoft online service that offers spelling, grammar and refinements suggestions for your writing on most websites. 

(2) Microsoft 365 subscription required to access premium Editor features 

By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions: 

PLEASE NOTE: Refer to your license terms for your Microsoft Account or Microsoft 365 subscription as applicable (the "extension") to identify the entity licensing this extension to you and for support information.  The license terms for the Microsoft Account or Microsoft 365 subscription as applicable apply to your use of this extension.

Privacy Policy:

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