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Download HEIC Image Viewer - Converter Supported for Windows 11

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About HEIC Image Viewer - Converter Supported

This app doesn't support Windows 10 S.
HEIC Image Viewer - Converter Supported is a cool image viewer and converter.
It supports more than 170 formats of image.

It has three features:
1.Open single image.
2.Open folder to preview the images in a gallery.
3.Batch convert images to a format as you want. Such as jpg, jpeg.

In addition, he has several advantages.

1. Print the image.
2. Rotate the image.
3. Zoom in or out.
4. Delete image by click "delete" button.

The list of supported formats is as follows:
heic; svg; svgz; ttf; tiff; tif; tga; svgz; bmp; jpg;
jpeg; png; gif;jp2;ppm;nef;svg;arw;crw;bmp2;
threefr; threeg2; threegp; a;arw;avs; b; bgr; bgra;
bgro; bmp; bmp2; bmp3; c; cal; cals; canvas; caption; cin;
clip; cmyk; cmyka; cr2; crw; cur; cut; dcm; dcr; dcx;
dds; dfont; dib; dng; dpx; dxt1; dxt5; epdf; epi; eps;
epsf; epsi; ept; ept2; ept3; erf; fax; file; fits; fractal;
ftp; fts; g; g3; g4; gif; gif87; gradient; gray; graya;
group4; hald; hdr; heic; hrz; http; https; icb; ico;
icon; iiq; inline; ipl; j2c; j2k; jng; jnx; jp2; jpc; jpe;
jpeg; jpg; jpm; jps; jpt; k; k25; kdc; label; m; m2v;
mac; map; mask; mat; mef; miff;mng; mono; mpc;
mrw; msl; msvg; mtv; mvg; nef; nrw; null; o; orf; otb;
otf; pal; palm; pam; pango; pattern; pbm; pcd; pcds;
pcl; pct; pcx;pdfa; pef; pes; pfa; pfb; pfm; pgm; pgx;
picon; pict; pix; pjpeg; plasma; png; png00; png24;
png32; png48; png64; png8; pnm; ppm;ptif; pwp;
r; radialgradient; raf; ras; raw; rgb; rgba; rgbo; rgf;
rla; rle; rmf; rw2; scr; screenshot; sct; sfw; sgi; six;
sixel; sr2;stegano; sun;  text; tga; tif; tiff; tiff64; tile;
tim; ttc; ttf; txt; uyvy; vda; vicar; vid; viff; vips; vst;
wbmp; wpg; x3f; xbm; xc; xcf; xpm; xv; y; ycbcr;
ycbcra; yuv;emf; exr; flif; wmf; webp

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