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Download Wallpaper Engine for Windows 11

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About Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine enables you to use live wallpapers on your Windows desktop. Various types of animated wallpapers are supported, including 3D and 2D animations, websites, videos and even certain applications. Wallpaper Engine brings your desktop alive while taking care to not reduce the performance of games or maximized applications. Let's see some great features of this great wallpaper utility:

Free Wallpapers to Download
Wallpaper Engine is not a free software, you should buy it on steam. After you installed it , you can download a lot of free wallpapers from Steam Workshop. The Steam Workshop provides a continuously growing wallpaper library of several 100.000s of free wallpapers. Create your own wallpapers and share them with other Steam users or use them on your own computer. if you are a gamer, you will find wallpapers about the games you love, also you can create your own and share with others. That's so cool. on Youtube, you can find some videos share top live wallpapers which work with Wallpaper Engine, and most of them are game scenes.

Create Your Own Live Wallpaper
You can create your own animated wallpapers in the Wallpaper Engine Editor. You can personalize colors(the newest version even supports Razer Chroma and Corsair iCUE). You can add animation effects to a wallpaper. such as water Ripple, Water Waves, Snow Particles,etc. Also you can create your own live wallpapers with a small video.

Wallpaper Engine is not free,its price is $3.99, but if you are looking for something for Windows 10 live wallpapers, this is just what you need, highly recommend this.

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