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By Manuel Laggner Free
Size : 27.5Mb | Last Updated : 2019-10-04 | Works On : Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista,Linux, MacOS

Editors' Review for tinyMediaManager

If you have a lot of movies, TV shows and other media files on your pc, you may need a software to organize these files, such as the famous open source media player Kodi, Jellyfin, PLEX,etc. and also ,you may need to see more detail info when you want to find a movie, like poster,actors info,etc. tinyMediaManager is a software for getting necessary meta data for your movies and TV shows from,,, and even more, it produces Kodi and MediaPortal compatible NFOs as well as import NFOs written by other tools. With tinyMediaManager, artwork such as fanart,poster,clearart,discart,logos and more can be downloaded from and It's one of the best companion tools for media software such as Kodi, Plex,, etc.

tinyMediaManager is an open source software, it is free. It has a lot of useful features, you can learn about more from the official website ( or the gitlab page (

Screenshots of tinyMediaManager

tinyMediaManager screenshot

Movie Management

Get data from,,,, ... Create NFO for use with Kodi (XBMC) and MediaPortal Automatically rename files and folders as you like

Movie Set Management

Organize movies into collections Set artwork for moviesets Support NFO tags for moviesets for Kodi (XBMC) and MediaPortal

TV Show Management

find TV shows and episodes in subdirectories - powerful episode/season detection Get data from,, Create NFO for use with Kodi (XBMC)

Automatic updates

Automatic updates to always stay up to date
Version : 3.0.5 (2019-10-04)
+ added a scraper for (thx @wjanes)
+ added an action to force deletion of all HTTP caches (on disk and in memory) #656
+ added changing of the movie edition to the movie bulk editor
+ added a custom note field for movies/TV shows/episodes
+ added unwanted files dialog for TV shows
x show popupmenu from text fields on macOS #637
x crash on startup if some images could not be loaded
x catch more exceptions on file download #642
x do not try to open dialogs on disconnected screens #640
x delete subtitle archive after extracting #641
x fix update data sources from Google Drive
x correct date format style in files
x when unable to load the database, start over with a new/clean one rather than not starting tmm
x fixed loading of the colon replacement in the renamer settings
x enhanced detection of valid NFO files #638
x write the plot content to the outline field in the NFO #630
x ImageCache must not crash tmm on exceptions #659
x enabled to explicitly filter for empty values #660
x refactored the MediaPortal NFO format into 2 new formats for enhanced compatibility: MP MyVideos and MP Moving Pictures
x do not crash tmm on startup on incomplete settings #663
x remove a custom genre in the bulk editor does not throw an exception any more
x do not overwrite user ratings on scrape
x better logging of errors in the OpenSubtitles scraper #633
x fixed movie in a movie set filter

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