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Download TickTick for Windows 11

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About TickTick

TickTick is a brilliant to-do app works on Windows 10 PC, Android phones, iPhone and iPad,Mac, Apple watch,Web.

It's brilliant because it has brilliant task management function.
You can add tasks in multiple ways easily: voice input,through virtual assistants like Siri, via emails, and also support some app's widget. If you are a Wechat user, you can add a task through the chatting log.
TickTick keeps all your to-dos organized with setting different folders,sub-tasks,lists, you can also set different tags, colors and priority to your tasks ,lists and folders to help you sorting them.

TickTick supports different tasks and different reminders, you can add normal tasks,location-based tasks,recurring tasks, for recurring tasks, you can set daily,weekly,monthly,etc, also you can set a task as endless or end after how many times it repeated.

TickTick supports various calendar views, from daily to monthly view,you see all to-dos assigned with these days, also, you can subscribe to other calendar apps in TickTick, so you can managing tasks in one place.

TickTick keeps track of your time and has achievement scores, when you finish a task on time, you get score, if a delay ,the score decreased, this helps you know how you perform and helps you get more things done.

TickTick supports a lot of platforms and devices, it syncs data across these platforms and devices. You can access your data at anywhere and anytime.

TickTick is a free app but comes with a premium version that is available for about $2.4 per month.

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