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The Best Poker Titles for Windows


Poker has always been a popular pastime, with millions of people taking to the tables in the casinos worldwide. However, due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic that closed the doors of casino venues around the world, players have had to turn to alternative means to enjoy their favorite card game.

While the temporary closure of the venues wasn't beneficial for the brick and mortar establishments, it's brought a boom in players taking up the game from the comfort of their own homes. While revenues online continue to soar, the game has recently been front and center on TV too, with the World Series of Poker shown on CBS Sports, some could argue the game is in as good a place as it's ever been.

However, playing poker doesn't always necessarily mean placing an actual real-life wager, and there are plenty of options available for those who just want to experience the game. One way of doing that is by loading up one of the many titles available for those who like to get their gaming fix via a PC running Windows 10. Therefore, we've compiled a list of three of the best titles for the PC player to be able to join the action.

Poker Superstars: Texas Hold'em

This game comes with a host of poker variations for players to play, including the most well-known, Texas Hold'em. The beauty in this is that it caters to the more experienced players and those just coming to the game for the first time. There are tournaments to enter, featuring 16 opponents of varying ability setting the challenge. Still, there's a clever artificial intelligence system built-in for those new players, which looks at your decisions at the table and gives you tips to improve your game.

Governor of Poker 3

This title has been available for quite some time which says a lot about its popularity. Its design and gameplay make it attractive to the more casual player, but that doesn't mean the more experienced players won't enjoy it. Your character starts out as a rookie playing in the saloons of the wild west, but as you win more games, you can work up to playing as a VIP under the bright lights of Vegas. The multiplayer aspect is fantastic, as you can chat to other players via a chat bubble which helps the immersion. As explained by it is important to network with other players to improve your game, which is why a game with a strong social aspect is good. Almost all online poker rooms give the option to chat to other players, but it's not seen as frequently in games, so this is a real plus for Governor of Poker 3.

Poker Stars VR

This is a real introduction to the latest technology available in home computing, and it's something that's becoming more common according to as 58.9million people will use Virtual Reality at least once a month in 2021. What VR does for poker is that it makes it as close to being sat in a casino as you can get, you can connect with other players, it has simple controls which allow you to 'pick up' your virtual cards and chips to place your bets on the table. It's an exciting choice and a new twist on the sedentary game available in digital form.

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