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Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Use Kodi Build a Home Theater?


Kodi media player is popular among many movie lovers. But for newbies, they still have questions like "what is Kodi media player and should I use Kodi player?". This post will introduce Kodi and show you a step-by-step tutorial to build your home theater using Kodi player. 

What Is Kodi Media Player? What Can It Do for You?

Kodi is a free media center, also known as the XBMC media center. It's an open-source software to manage your local media resources such as movies, television shows, music and photos. Kodi media center can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices.

Kodi player has many advantages, it combines functions like a 4K video player, audio player, Live TV player, and picture viewer. It has an easy user interface and supports many add-ons that enable users to enjoy the home movie and TV shows time. 

How to Install Kodi Media Player on Windows PCs?

Here is a guide to help you install and configure Kodi media center on Windows 10 PCs step by step. There are mainly two ways to download and install Kodi media center on Windows 10: 

  • Download Kodi from the official website using EXE File.
  • Download and install Kodi from the Microsoft Store.

Install Kodi player from Microsoft Store is easy. Here mainly introduce the first methods. 

Step 1: Open the site, you can find different Kodi's versions. 

kodi player for windows, linux, macos and andriod

Step 2: Click the Windows logo, and you'll see the 64-bit and 32-bit Kodi version. Since most of today's Windows PCs are run 64-bit applications, download the recommended one is enough. 

different kodi versions for windows 10

Step 3: Find the download Kodi EXE file on your computer desktop or the location you store your downloaded files. 

Step 4: Double-click the EXE file and an installation wizard will show to guide you finish the installation. Just follow it. When the installation is down, there will be an option to run Kodi. Click it and finalize all the steps. 

finish kodi media player installation.jpg

How to Import Videos into Kodi Media Center?

when you have installed the Kodi player, you can import your videos and TV shows to the Kodi media player to build your own home movie theater. Here take the Kodi 18 Leia as an example to show you how to add videos to Kodi.

Step 1: Open the Kodi player and you will find there different options like Movies, TV shows, Music videos, etc on the left side. Here we need to import videos, so just scroll to the bottom and choose it. 

import videos to kodi player.jpg

Step 2: Click the "Files" on the right side and then click the "Add Videos" option. 

add videos to kodi media player.jpg

Step 3: A new pop-up named "Add video resources" will appear. Click the "Browse" to choose the file folder that your videos are sotred.  

add video resources to kodi player.jpg

Step 4: If you have stored your movies in a NAS (network-attached storage), you can choose the NFS to view your stored movies. If not, just click the "C: (OS)" option and you will find your video folder quickly. 

set video resource store on kodi media player.jpg

Step 5: Choose your movie folder and then click "OK" to go back to the pop-up. Here you can rename the new media resources as you like, which makes no difference to Kodi or your previous media folder but will help you find it easily later. 

Step 6: After you click "OK", and the "Set Content" option will appear. You should choose which type of media you want to import to Kodi here like stored movies, TV shows or music videos. Then the Kodi player will begin to scan the media folder and import the content. After that, the imported media will appear on the main interface of Kodi gradually. The detailed introduction info can be seen on the Kodi if you click one movie. 

set content on kodi media player.jpg

The detailed introduction info can be seen on the Kodi if you click one movie. The most important point is, no stuck when you drag the process bar, even when the Kodi is playing a 4k movie. What's more, if you want to add TV series to Kodi media center, you also can follow the guidance above. 

How to Turn on Automatic Subtitles to a Movie in Kodi Player?

Not all movies provide the subtitle for multiple languages, which means it's impossible if you want to see a movie or streaming videos with different languages. Kodi media center offers official video addons that can sync subtitles when you use Kodi to watch videos. The following steps will guide you on how to use Kodi add-ons to add subtitles for your videos. 

Step 1: Open the Kodi player on your Windows 10 and click the gear icon to open the media center.


Step 2:  Choose the Add-ons option. 

open kodi player add-ons.jpg

Step 3: Select the Install from Repository to find Kodi official subtitle plugins. (If you have downloaded other subtitle plugins, you can choose the Install from the zip file to get video subtitle for Kodi.)

kodi addon browser install from the repository.jpg

Step 4: Click Subtitles and you will find many subtitle add-ons. 

kodi subtitle addons.jpg

Step 5: In Kodi add-ons center, there are many subtitle providers you can choose, just click the one suitable for your languages and click the Install, then the subtitle add-ons installation is done. 

subtitle add-ons on kodi player.jpg

Podnapisi and BSPlayer are great for English subtitles, and Addic7ed is a great choice for TV Shows. Besides, there are also open-source and third-party subtitle add-ons that can be used on Kodi, you can get them installed if you need them. 

How to Set Specific Subtitle on Kodi Player for Your Videos? 

Install subtitle add-ons on Kodi is not the end to build your home theater. You can set the preference subtitle as you like. Here are the guidelines.

Step 1: Still click the gear icon on the left side of the Home Screen. Choose the Player option. 

set preference subtitles on kodi player.jpg

Step 2: Choose the Language option, and then press the choice - Languages to download subtitles for.

language setting on kodi player.jpg

Step 3: You can see multiple language options in the pop-up. Select the one you like and click OK. You also can set subtitles of the movies and TV shows here with other Kodi Add-ons you have installed earlier. 

download subtitles on kodi player.jpg

Step 4: Open one video you have added into Kodi, and you can find the subtitle bottom on the right corner of the screen. Just click it.

video play on kodi media player.jpg

Step 5: A Subtitle Settings pop-up will appear. Choose the Download Subtitle... option. 

kodi player video subtitle settings.jpg

Step 6: All the subtitles version in the Kodi subtitle Add-ons will show here. Choose the one you need to download. And the subtitle will sync when you playing the videos in Kodi. 

video subtitle download on kodi player.jpg


Kodi media player is simple and easy to use for your home theater, no matter 4K videos or streaming TV shows, Kodi player will provide you the best experience to enjoy the entertainment time. I hope this Kodi player video will help you build a satisfying home theater. 

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