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Download Rainmeter for Windows 11

Download Free Rainmeter for Windows

About Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a free Windows 10/7 desktop customization tool and a functional audio visualizer that helps you to modify and decor your Windows desktop, show hardware usage meters. It's a perfect desktop customize helper that offering lots of choices for users if they love to spend time decor your Windows PC backgrounds.

Rainmeter pays much attention to help users design their PC appearance. There are lots of Rainmeter skins in the community for users to use. It's easy to download and install Rainmeter skins, just double click the files and the Rainmeter will install them for your PC. And if you want to make unique skins, you also can re-design the downloaded skins. And the skins gadget can be moved to anywhere you want on your desktop. If you do not know how to use Rainmeter, there are lots of start guides allowing you to try to make your first Rainmeter skin.

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