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How to Open and Convert HEIC Images to PNG, JPG and GIF?


What is the HEIC image? HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Coding) is the featured image format of Apple devices due to the Apple devices with iOS 11 and above beginning to use a new way named HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) to code images. Usually, for Android and Windows users, the HEIC files cannot be viewed and opened automatically. So the HEIC viewer and converter that convert HEIC to the common JPG, PNG, or GIF, are needed for Android and Windows devices. Here are several HEIC viewers and using methods showing how to help you guys convert the HEIC images to common JPG, PNG, GIF, and more other image formats.

How to Convert HEIC Photos to JPG, JPEG and GIF on Windows PC

HEIC Image Viewer: batch conversion and 170+ image formats supporting

HEIC Image Viewer is a Windows 10 app that supports up to 170 image formats view and conversion.  It's a very simple and easy-to-use HEIC converter. Here are the steps showing how to use this app to convert HEIC to JPG and JPEG. It allows you to preview photos in folders,

1. Download this HEIC Image Viewer from Microsoft Store, and install it to your Windows 10 PC. Open the HEIC Image Viewer and its friendly user interface will appear. On the left side bar, you can find the image viewer, image conversion and PDF editor tool. And you can upgrade the HEIC converter app to pro version easily in the button down. 

heic converter on windows pc

2. Drag and drop the HEIC photos to the app interface, and the HEIC image can be viewed. If you want to view several HEIC photos at a time, you also can change the view mode.

heic converter

3. On the conversion interface, you can open the HEIC photos you need to convert, and set the converted image format and the saved place in your PC. When all those are finished, you can click the "start conversion", and your iPhone image will be converted quickly.

heic to jpg, png, gif

HEIC Image Convert: simple, fast and secure choice

HEIC Image Convert is another HEIC to JPG and JPEG converter. It has a very easy user interface and can help users to change iPhone photos to JPG and other common photo formats. In addition, this iPhone photo converter also supports offline conversion, so there is no need for users to upload their HEIC photos from the iPhone to the Internet, offering great convenience. Batch HEIC conversion is also available with this tool. Here are the image conversion steps.

1. Add this HEIC Image Convert app from Microsoft Store to your Windows PC. Then open it and you can see the simple conversion interface of this app. 


2. Add the HEIC image you need to convert, and choose the output format you want like the JPG, PNG, or GIF. There will be a popup for you to choose that.  Click the "Convert".


3. The HEIC Image Convert app will start the conversion, and you can see the process. When all the HEIC images are converted, the app will remind you as well. And the app will show you the path to the converted picture folders. 


CopyTrans Photo: powerful HEIC image convert functions

Compared with the simple HEIC converter apps, CopyTrans Photo is more powerful and it can not only change the iPhone photos to Windows PC compatible formats, but also can help users to transfer HEIC images between iPhone devices and PCs. Besides, this HEIC viewer also allows users to organize iPhone and iPad photos using albums, and the photo view features is another great function that makes the photo management easier. Here is the guide to transfer and convert HEIC images from iPhone to Windows PC of this app.

1. Download ths CopyTrans Photo app and install it to your Windows computer.

2. The first step is to set the image settings before starting the transfer and conversion. Open the app and in the Setting bar, selecting the image format that you want to transfer to the Windows PC. You can find there are three choices: convert HEIC to JPEG, transfer the original HEIC to Windows PC, and transfer the HEIC and JPEG at the same time. Choose the one suitable for you and then save it.

heic to jpg on windows pc

The above steps help you convert iPhone images to the JPEG and view it more easily on other devices. For Windows PC, this app also allows you to view HEIC photos with Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Explorer, easy and convenient. 

If you’re looking for apps or software to open and convert HEIC photos on your Windows PC, the tree apps above can help you realize it. To find more useful tools, search in the now.

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