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Download Notion+ Mark Manager for Chrome

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About Notion+ Mark Manager

It's known that Notion has color texts and comments function when we using it to study and taking notes. But it's hard to inquire those notes later. How to organize the colored texts, notes and comments in Notion app?

Notion+ Mark Manager offers one great way to help you realize that. Notion+ Mark Manager has three features:
1.It allows you to import all mark links with only one click. Notion users can import all the colored texts and comments to the Notion, and sort them into different categories as needed, which is realized with only one click when they using Notion pages.
2.Notion+ Mark Manager helps you to export multiple marks quickly. Adding marks in Notion is common, this Notion extension allows to copy or download several marks at them same time and use them elsewhere.
3.Organize and filter the colored marks as you need. This Notion extension helps you to choose and view the specific colored texts, and the operation is very simple.

Other features that this Notion+ Mark Manager has is dark mode supporting, scroll to the context of marks. If you want to find your highlights text in Notion, try this Notion extension now.

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