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Download Microsoft Launcher for Windows 11

Download Launcher Theme for Windows 10

About Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher provides the best way to share photos and documents between Windows PC and Android devices, meaning you can use the photo from Android on Windows PC easily. This app is released by Microsoft but you need to download it from Google Play.

You can customize Android phone home with various light & dark themes, icons packs, widgets, and wallpapers, and then syncing it with your Windows 10 PC. One of its benefits that there are Bings daily images that can be set as wallpapers. However, it's not all. With this productivity app, you can organize everything on your phone, such as view the calendar and contacts, write to-do lists and make Sticky Notes anytime. And you can edit one document on the phone and PC at the same time.

Microsoft Launcher is the best app to give users a flexible way to personalize their phones and laptop. It can add the Microsoft apps you love to use automatically once you download and install it. If you want to give a new look to your Android phone and Windows PC, you can try this app.

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