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Size : Varies with device | Works On : Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Editors' Review for Figma

Figma is a free and powerful UI design tool. It's the only platform that combines design and efficient workflow to boot. With Figma, you can use the modern pen tool to draw in any direction with Vector Networks online, making your design more freely. You can prototype your work by turning your static design files into an interactive experience without coding, simply connecting the design UI elements and choose the animations. Besides, Figma also supports team collaborative work to make work easier by getting everyone to communicate on one page. Recently, Figam adds new search features for users to allow them to search their workspace for projects, teams, files, and people. And there are also many plugins available that can help to improve design work efficiency.

With all these powerful features, Figma still makes it easy to use for users. For beginners, if you are familiar with the Sketch app, then you can learn to use the Figma in three days. And to help users learn easily, there are lots of Figma practices and tutorials available. In addition, Figma also provides users with diverse design templates to save time and accelerate the design work. One of the key features of Figma is that it supports multi-platforms work. Users can use this free design tool on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

For users who know both Figma and Sketch, which one is better to use is a problem. Different from Sketch, Figma works in-browser and mobile app, whereas Sketch is a desktop app only available for Apple computers. And Figma offers better collaboration performance and better work to share your design with the team. Besides, Figma offers more options for users to choose a paid solution for personal use or teamwork. You can choose the free starter version (limited features), professional version ($12 per editor/month), or Organization version ($45 per editor/month).

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Figma screenshot Figma screenshot Figma screenshot Figma screenshot Figma screenshot

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