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By Blink $3.4
Size : 103M | Works On : Windows 11 PC,Moblie device

Editors' Review for Blink

Blink is the better solution for businesses who want to reach and engage a mobile or work-at-home workforce. It brings people, content, and workflows together so these assets can be organized around your big picture goals. Everyone on a Team has access to conversations, questions, files and chats in one shared space.

The easy-to-use app has all the intranet features you are familiar with. What's more, Blink integrates with hundreds of other software platforms and applications, including: Google Suite, Office365, Jira, Salesforce, GitHub, SAP, Trello, Dropbox, Oracle, IBM, Connections, Sage, Zapier and more!

With the feature of Hub, you can easily store and share documents such as policies, procedures, rotas, pitch decks, manuals, health and safety information, and more, making them instantly available to your workforce, but you control who has access and when.

Blink gives every employee in your organization a highly personalized feed with a priority-first flow of information. Actions and requests from other services are displayed in the Feed where they can be addressed without diverting into another app.

Blink's micro-apps can many things, from digitizing existing forms to transforming workflows. With micro-apps, you can use payment card systems, streamline project reporting, automate timesheet management, report unplanned absences, or update your product database.

Another powerful feature is workforce analytics that you can see how communications really flow through your organization. Blink lets you monitor messaging in real-time so you can identify potential breaches as well as the inappropriate use of sensitive data inside your organization. Admins can see what features and integrated applications are used, if there are unread messages or unopened files in an employee's feed, and so on. Blink uses military-grade AES-256 encryption on all data in the system to ensure that your company's data is always protected.

Blink was created specifically for companies with frontline employees who drive our buses, clean our hospitals, deliver our parcels, and serve us in retail stores and restaurants. Share updates and news directly into employee feeds, where it's easy for everyone to stay up to date.

Screenshots of Blink

Blink screenshot

The Blink Feed

A personalized feed for every worker. This is your route to increased employee satisfaction, productivity and engagement.

Introducing Hub: A More Robust Intranet Software Alternative

With Hub as its central feature, employees can quickly access policies, procedures, and guides in one convenient place—resulting in a more engaged, more productive workforce.


Micro-apps are the fastest and lowest cost way to develop and distribute quality internal tools to your workforce.

Unified Search

Easily lay your hands on documents, emails, messages, application data... anything. Wherever it's hiding, you'll find it.


Bring people, content and workflow together into digital workspaces and discover a more agile, modern way of working.

Security & Compliance

Super-tight security runs through everything we do.

Workforce Analytics

Blink's powerful analytics offer insight into the people and relationships that make your organisation tick.

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