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Download Bing Wallpaper for Windows 11

Download from the Official Site

About Bing Wallpaper

Bing Wallpaper app brings a collection of beautiful and high-quality images from around the world. With this free wallpaper app, you needn't download today's Bing daily wallpaper from the search engine. It will show a new image on your Windows 10 backgrounds every day, and you can know about the place name and where this scene from.

This Bing Wallpaper app is very simple to use, you can just download it for free and install it on your Windows 10 PC. Then you can find it on your taskbar. With a simple one-click, you can change your Win 10 backgrounds from about five Bing wallpapers that have been featured on the Bing homepage. Please note that this Bing Wallpaper app is only for Windows 10 PC. If your PC OS is Windows 7 or 8, you can't install this app.

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