SocialMedia driven App Developer

SocialMedia driven App Developer

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Mar 19,2019
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Ever wanted to look forward, see your company, and decide 1 year ahead of competition?
We’ll give you four years.

SocialMedia driven App Developer allows you to forecast the Business Case of worldwide expansion when developing Freeware, Shareware, Donationware, or Apps on any platform, over 48 months. Simulate the unfinished idea you always wanted. Download our small product simulation and start checking your options. SocialMedia driven App Developer will add them together in a second. It’ll tell you exactly how much your idea is worth. 4 years ahead of time, 4 years ahead of competition.

This is not an Excel Table. Excel is good for x/y calculations. The underlying platform of Dynamic Applications will allow you to change each single Input Value over time, so it's good for x / y / t calculations. That's what it can do. We only show 2d diagrams because they're easier to understand. So it's using a split view on a 3d projection over time.

Will you be able to lower your Fixed Cost again? - how about your SocialMedia Follower Networks. How fast can you expand them, and can you change the conversion rate that brings them to your Website? - how many free downloads have you got, compared to total Website Visitors? - and finally, how many paid upgrades will result from that?

SocialMedia driven App developer will allow you to answer all these questions. Check your options. Find your optimal Target over 48 months, in a worldwide expansion scenario. You against the competition, worldwide. Your new game of Life. And in having same rules for everyone, in this big International Network that we call the internet, it's as well same chances for everyone. It has some fairness perspective. That's why we do it.

Customer Driven Development: there are two user competitions included.

Starting from Jan 2016, thousands of independent users have voted on their favourite Simulation ideas, as well as clearly defined our Roadmap. Pay with a tweet, and be part of the common achievement.

An Internet of Things developer simulation for developing smart devices that are connecting to the Internet of Things is included with the application. It allows you to calculate up to 5 different main material prices for your IoT device. As well, you may estimate any product part cost developments, like cheaper Wifi, RAM, CPU units over time.

The special thing about the Windows 10 Store App developer is that the formula system is fully activated from the beginning. So you don't have to run for Promo codes. The other cool thing is that Microsoft has developed an automated upgrade system for all Windows 10 Store Apps. So the Store will notify you on updates, and they install with a click.

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